COVID-19 Effect on Indian Tourism

“COVID 19” is the biggest challenge that any country in this world has ever faced .  It was spread throughout the world in less than 3 months as the virus was first identified in Wuhan city in China in December 2019 .  In March 2020 it was declared a global pandemic by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Airlines, Hotels, Tourism sector are affected by this pandemic in all geographical segments like – Inbound, Outbound, Leisure, Adventure, Heritage, and even Event Management industry – MICE ( Meetings,  Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) has also been  adversely affected. India, same as other countries in the world, announced lockdown for almost four  months in four phases in which they slowly and gradually started liberating the lockdown rules with passage of time. International travel was so much affected because of lockdown for months in almost every country in the globe. There were prior bookings of customers in Hotels and Airlines, but because of pandemic money was refunded back to the customers. 

Over the past years most countries’ major contributor to economic growth has been the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Whenever there has been any major impact on the economy of any country, Tourism has always been the first one to get affected and so as this time happened. There’s no doubt to say that people travelling from  one country to another,  has a direct role in the spread of COVID 19 with an increase in a number of positive corona patients.  Now things are getting normal with ‘New Normal’, now everything is getting opened with rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. Now there is a trend that has been seen there in people that they are preferring more to go for Domestic trips ( within India) rather than going for International trips ( outside the boundary of India) . 

With New Normal every country’s economy is reviving so the Hospitality and Tourism Industry will also come back much stronger than now.

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Hello, My name is Vandita Sharma. I am a Student, pursuing MBA from Indian Institute Of Tourism And Travel Management. I developed my interest in writing my travel stories as each travel has a story to tell. Joining Unverbalise will help me evolve my skills as a writer and as a team member.

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