Friends of the Arcata Marsh – Integrated Wastewater Treatment

A citizen group of a town Arcata, situated along the northern coast of California in USA called “Friends Of The Arcata Marsh” was founded in 1989. They are responsible for upkeeping and safeguarding a project that is Integrated Wastewater Treatment.
Project was started around 1949, by a group of people of Arcata with the collaboration of biologists from Humboldt State University.
This initiative is an good example of Integrated Wastewater Treatment, as by two methods Wastewater is treated :-
1. Artificial System of Purification
2. Natural System of Purification
First we should understand what is Wastewater Treatment?
Wastewater Treatment is a process used to remove impurities or pollutants from wastewater or seewage and convert it into an effluent that can be returned to water cycle with acceptable impact on the environment.
Here the Wastewater cleaning occurs broadly in two stages.
First they clean it by Artificial System of Purification that is Sedimentation, Filteration, and Chlorine Treatment. After the first stage, lot of dangerous pollutants like dissolved heavy metals still remain because of disposal of Waste substances from Homes, Factories, etc. To clean the Wastewater fully the innovative approach was taken, Natural System of Purification :-
The biologists developed a series of Marshes over a 60 hectares of Marshland. Appropriate plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria were seeded into this area, which absorbs the pollutants. Hence as water flows through these Marshes, Water gets purifued.
FOAM initial task was to raise funds to build an interpretive center at Arcata Marshaland. But now they are even responsible for educating public about Arcata Marsh so that it can reach to Masses.
This Integrated Wastewater Treatment is a Wildlife Sanctuary also. It has a large biodiversity in forms of Fishes, Animals, and Birds that now reside there. The Arcata Marshland and Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular destination for Birders (for birdwatching), Cycling, and Jogging. It attracts many tourists whose interests are in Science and Nature. By this wonderful project Wastewater is treated in its Natural way.

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