Let The Matriarchy Begin

“Let the matriarchy begin” some powerful words from a strong, independent woman in a Spanish drama. Nairobi had quite a strong character in La Casa De Papel and obviously will be missed (Netflix please bring her back in season 5). It was the way in which her character was portrayed- a strong friend always there to support you no matter what, as a loving mother who was forced to stay away from her child and a selfless lover inspiring a lot of women not only in Spain (thanks to Netflix) but all over the world how to stand up for themselves even if the world doesn’t believe in them.

Ideally the world we live in should be a perfect one with equal rights for men and women, rich or poor, Hindu or Muslim, etc., etc… But, it’s not. It is quite unbalanced and we have got a long way to go as a society to overcome this huge gap existing between the men and women of this world. The women have got to get their ‘Nairobi’s out and about, and the men, well they have got to learn to share or else – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (not by a lover but scorned of her equality). 

Hoping Netflix listens to my pleas and brings back mine yours and everyone’s favourite character back. And, like people always run after the latest trends, also get this matriarchy through their thick skulls. 

Because baby it’s the latest trend and now that it has begun there’s only one way to go.

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Hi, my name is Deeksha Agarwal. I recently completed my B.Tech from JIIT Noida. I am a person who loves to stay at home, read books, watch Netflix all day and sometimes paint and draw to let my self expression out.


Email- agarwaldeeksha16@gmail.com

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