Dinner and Dark Spots – Chapter 1

It was the fall of 2006, Denzin recalls clearly, which changed his life. Though it can’t be said as a good day but surely it left a great impact. He remembers that day clearly when he had this experience of utmost jealousy but also the accident that happened then. He and Althea were on their way for her doctor’s appointment. He had been staying with her as a roommate for quite a long time now and being friends since school helped in understanding each other’s daily habit. Dr. Martin asked if they could have dinner with them tonight since he was an admirer of Denzin’s writing. They were out of the clinic when Althea collided with a man, or to say a really charming man, Amuro, Doctor Martin’s son. Suddenly they heard a noise behind and saw doctor martin berating his maid Felis abysmally because she broke a vase. Dr. Amuro looked displeased with his behaviour but didn’t say anything.

Later in the evening Denzin was driving with Althea to go for their dinner evening at Dr. Martin’s place. He couldn’t help but recall the look he saw in Althea’s eyes when she met Amuro. He drove through and reached the place mechanically and was brought back from his daze when Althea nudged him. 

The house looked cosy with a long half square shape. There are two rooms to the left side when you enter, that’s Doctor Martin’s clinic, then you move to the right at the end of the corridor there are stairs taking you to the bedrooms. The right corridor has 3 rooms one for Dr. Amuro the middle one is the dining room with kitchen and the last is the living room from there the next right is the bath. As big as it sounds the house feels cosy since the left side of the corridor has all the rooms and the right has windows in the middle for anyone to see outside towards to beautiful garden and the small pond.

Denzin and Althea were taken to the kitchen cum dining room by Felis where they met Dr. Amuro and Dr Martin’s wife Mrs. Lucia. When they got seated, they were informed that Mr. Martin is in the bath since he likes to be clean before his dinner. Felis and Lucia were working while Amuro, Althea and Denzin were sitting with Amuro and Althea doing most of the talking when suddenly the lights went off. Denzin saw through the kitchen window that only this house had the power cut. There was a call on the landline phone and Mrs Lucia went to pick that up and also told Felis to go check the electric mains at the entrance of the house. After about a minute the lights came on. Denzin saw what he wished he would never want to see again. Althea was hugging Dr. Amuro by his left arm but when she saw who it was she immediately left his arm. Felis came back and Mrs. Lucia thought that they should check on Dr. Martin since he is a very angry and obnoxious person and would definitely be angry. 

While Denzin was giving death glares to Dr. Amuro still deep in his thoughts, they heard Felis and Lucia scream from the Bath. Dr Amuro and Denzin ran towards the place and they found Dr. Martin in the bath tub, electrocuted by his wired electric shaver.

Denzin immediately removed the plug of the shaver and both Amuro and he ran towards Dr. Martin but they found that he was already dead. Amuro took him out of the bath tub and tried to resurrect him but no avail. Denzin observed the bathroom scene. Dr. Martin’s body had fallen towards the side of the bath tub where the wall mirror was placed while the electric shaver fell towards the opposite side. Denzin thought that if Dr. Martin was to be electrocuted by the shaver while he was using it in the bath tub he should have fallen on the opposite side but here it felt like he was sitting and then he was electrocuted.

Denzin knew that something was off from the scene or someone had actually planned for it to happen. Who was it? Anyone from outside or the people present with him in the kitchen at all times during the black out. There was this blind spot and Denzin was curious to shed light on it.

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I am a law student and a content writer here, who appreciates harmless sarcasm. I write about whatever my brainbox (or yours) fancies. Writing something other than research papers and assignments makes life a little less chaotic, for it gives a sense of unwinding your emotions. I like exploring and talking over ideas and thoughts (and an open political discussion).


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