Demi Godial: Mathematician From an Indian Village

Shree S. Ramanujan, a man who possessed Demi Godial intelligence in mathematics.
By Demi Godial, I mean, the one who sees and understands things apart from the 3 dimensional world.

And it has to be true.

His famous line as he stated “An equation has no meaning to me unless it expresses a thought of God”.

As he stated, he used to go into a deep devotional meditative state in front of her Goddess, “Maa Namagiri”, and he used to express it with mathematical terms.

For example, if she stated, how are you son, that would be limit x tends to infinity, integration of sin inverse, tan under root x square minus one.

And that he knew was a formula for something in this universe.

G.H Hardy, the man who changed the course of English mathematics being an atheist, stated that I don’t believe in god, but I believe in Ramanujan, and his existence of statements through the goddess has to be true.

Imagine you wake up the next day and give the equations for modular functions that explain the nature of black holes which didn’t even exist at that time, and then you do these discoveries everyday, infinitely!

It is likely to be understood that for the average human mind, accepting these things even with the proofs would be difficult, but the truth doesn’t need to be verified.
He died very soon, because if he would have been alive, he would have taken the world to a pace of centuries ahead of the time, which is against the law of nature.
Ramanujan’s lost notebook’s discovery has been compared to mathematical equivalent of finding Beethoven’s tenth symphony.
Bow to the genius.

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Arya Pratap Singh Nirvaan is a Guitarist, social worker, astronomy enthusiast and computer scientist.

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