Food Festivals of India

There is no better experience than travelling a place and eating their local and authentic food. The best way to experience a place is through its food – What better than to attend a food festival, where a person can eat delicious food, interact with several foodies, and meet upcoming chefs.

From last 2-3 years there has been a trend seen across the country for “Food Festivals Of India”. Whether you want to brush up on your cooking skills, learn about the latest healthy food, or simply try the different food items. These Food Festivals are must visit and will be an experience that you will remember for a longer time.


One of the best Food Festival of India. The Fest is perfect for foodies to come and enjoy the food, drinks, and music. It brings some fabulous street food trucks from round the country with their authentic and delicious food to serve to visitors. Mumbai Food Truck Fest has an amazing section for kids to enjoy. Fest is organized in the month of March in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Goa is amongst the top most happening destinations in India for our youth population. Goa Food & Cultural Festival adds a charm in the entire tourism for the state when a huge gathering of people round the country and from all over the world enjoys. GFCF is organized by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation which offer rich Heritage, Traditional Cuisine and beautiful culture of the state. It is organized in Goa in the month of April.


The Grub Fest is one of the largest food events held in India. A perfect blend of Food, Fun, and Entertainment. The Grub Fest includes popular Restaurants, Organic Food Market, Culinary Workshops, and Music Performances. For food lovers the festival also holds a dedicated arena  “GRUB MILE”, it is for mini food trucks. Grub Fest offers a very different  experience – enjoy your food while watching a food based movie like Ratatouille. It is organized in the month of March or April in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.


If you desire to eat Asian Food while vacationing in India – Asian Hawkers Food Festival is the best place to be. AHFF offers best, delicious food to your plate from various Asian Countries. From Korean to Japenese to Chinese, this food festival offers all kind of Asian Food. Thai & Vietnamese Cuisines are star highlight of this festival. It is organized in New Delhi in the month of October for 3 consecutive days.


If you love culture and food of Meghalaya this food festival is to not miss out  attraction of the state. The Festival is organized by North East Slow Food and Agro -biobiversity Society. In this festival authentic local Meghalaya food by different communities is served that will make your day. Food Festival is held in the month of December.

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