Chai Banarasi Chapter 6

It has been two weeks since the rescue.

It was two weeks since Vicky had told Anita his life story.

It was two weeks since Anita left him saying she needed time.

Two weeks Vicky would have believed to be two centuries, if the calendar didn’t constantly tell him otherwise.

Day after, Vicky went to check up on her. To see if she was still hurt, as she had been the day before. She didn’t even open the door. Just told him to leave her alone.

She left Banaras via Airport that day.

At least temporarily.

His men told him that she left with only a small suitcase. You have to have more stuff to move your livelihood from one place to another permanently, don’t you?

Vicky felt like he was a child waiting for his mother. Or worse, a dog waiting for his master. He couldn’t understand how he ever lived without Anita. If only he could figure out how to do that again.

He knew he had it bad. And he was cruel enough to wish that Anita was suffering, same as him. But he couldn’t help himself.


Vicky found through men he had planted around her apartment of Anita’s midnight arrival. He decided to be generous and give her till morning before visiting her.

She either says a yes or ends up in a river, floating face down. He didn’t want the kind of liability she presented.

When he had first told about his second, more sinister business, she had said she needed time to think things over. Which, she now had taken ample amounts of, according to him. He wanted an answer now.

He had wondered if there was a chance that she could have informed police, but then he would come to know about it from his informants, in her hometown, Banaras and Delhi, by now if she so much as visited a police station. Negative on that.

Vicky knocked on Anita’s door, and she opened looking like she had a rough night in bed. She first gave him a smile on recognising who was visiting her, but then it turned to confusion.

“How did you know that I was back here? Don’t tell me you visited my place every day when I was gone? She teased him.

“Not at all, just every other day.” Vicky joked back.

Then they both just stood there. Waiting for something. What? He didn’t know.

After a few seconds of looking at him, standing on her doorway, Anita said, “Please, come in.” and opened her door wide.

At first Vicky couldn’t believe it, but then he stepped through. She closed the door, and then they were back to just staring. Everything that needed to be said was already there.

Vicky opened his arms and she came to him, returning his embrace.

Then everything blacked out.

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Mili is pen name of Ankita Maurya. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics and is currently pursuing her master’s. She is one of those obnoxious people who prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artme.craftyou/

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCm3hgqLlG_0VoetD_iR2dMQ

Email: artmecraftyou@gmail.com

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