The Irony of Mukesh

“Oh Jio dhan dhana dhan”. Which is the first face that comes in your mind when watching an IPL match while listening to this tune? No, it’s not deepika and ranveer dancing on it, neither it is Virat or Rohit or Shikhar, but it is the one the only The Mukesh Ambani. Oh yes he’s The Ambani who could get Beyonce to sing and dance at a freaking wedding. It’s Beyonce for God’s sake

Let us take an example of when we are on our way to watch a movie we see almost everything that is either owned or purchased by Mr. Mukesh and not only this even after we sit down at the theatre, there also Mukesh won’t leave us. The irony is that the Mukesh we see on the theatre screen is way too different than The Mukesh Ambani that has whole of the country(No world, did I tell you about Beyonce) in his palm. Although the theatre Mukesh and many others like him do not even have luxuries to own a place they could call home. When the Ambani’s are busy buying every piece of land, companies or anything  they could lay their hand on, most of our country sleeps on the sidewalks(lucky to be alive  if some actor doesn’t decide to drink and drive) and eats  from whatever is left in the garbage can. When you think about Corona that had been after our lives since a year, we held poojas and vrats when Amitabh Bacchan was detected, had all our Indian media going on and on about various celebrities getting diagnosed and celebrating once they were cured as if it’s there own family that had gone through it. But what about the other 99% of the population that suffered through all this and never even felt it. It’s not because they have good immune system or something, but the actual reason that even Corona couldn’t do something to them was that they have already been facing much worse conditions, so what would this petty corona do to them that hasn’t been already done.

Though these people have stopped complaining a long time back and have accepted their fate as it is, it is upon us the fortunate one’s to help them live life “zindagi ek safar hai suhana” style and not that “is duniya me aaye hai to jeena hi parega”. I am not saying that you stop living your life the king size, but between all that bling and blitz even if each of us donates a single blanket or a plate of food it gives them a ray of hope and us a sense of satisfaction of helping somebody in need.

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Hi, my name is Deeksha Agarwal. I recently completed my B.Tech from JIIT Noida. I am a person who loves to stay at home, read books, watch Netflix all day and sometimes paint and draw to let my self expression out.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/dee_sha16/

Email- agarwaldeeksha16@gmail.com

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