Assault & Victim Blaming

“Beauty provokes harassment the law says, but it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it.”

ASSAULT – It’s the perpetrators fault!!

This is a topic that is pervasive in our world, and something that needs to keep being discussed. In the news, movies, tv shows, in the workplace, and between friends, the idea of rape is normalized and rationalized. This is due to widespread views on gender and sexuality, and the phenomenon is known as rape culture. The person who did the crime is never the subject of conversation while the victims are front and center. This perpetuates the idea that sexual misconduct, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and rape are okay. Some people will ever be arrested and hardly any perpetrator will ever see a day in jail.

And if they report it, it tells them that they won’t be believed or will be subjugated to questioning that has nothing to do with the perpetrator, and everything to do with them and their behavior. Public will also start blaming the victim and talking rubbish, blame her character and judge her! Stop! You have no right to it!

They will backfire and blame that she was dressed up as such wearing short outfits. What is the problem in the outfit? It’s their choice! They don’t wear for someone else or to be complimented or gain attention. They wear it for themselves! They will blame she was behaving odd, stop right there! You have no right to call her a slut or give her a character certificate, blaming of giving gestures to the boy such that he got attracted and raped her.

What bullshit is it? It’s same as the auntyji’s video where she saw few girls in a shop and looking at them she said that the girls who wear short dresses are deserved to be raped, where is it written? And everyone has the right to wear what they want, girl or boy. If she’s dressed up properly still she gets raped then? What will u say then? To always stay behind the doors? Huh? Why don’t u teach the boys instead of the girls. Okay based on dress up right? So what will you say on a girl wearing a “burqa” and still being raped and what about a few months old being raped. Based on her dressing and behavior? Goddamn she has just stepped into this world. RAPE has nothing to do with the outfit or nature of the girl. Where is our country lacking? Some of the victims feel depressed because of such low class mentality. We can’t be present everywhere to save the girls tho, at least we cannot blame them for this, not make them feel cursed, support them, help them get justice. Help save the girls, get them justice. They are the spirit of our nation.

Is it the girls who need to be trained to wear a burqa or is it the boys who need to be trained to stay at home? Think.

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.

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