The Scent Was Mine Alone – Chapter 1

“It has been a really long night for you Alex, you should sleep” said Ethan. Lizzy came into the room stating that she wanted to party but Ethan told her off since he could feel that Alex was tired. Alex had been with him for the past 10 years, he was that kind of a friend who would come up at times of crises and protect Ethan from it all whereas Lizzy came into his life when he was in his teen, a 13 year old boy, she was the first and the only friend Ethan made in middle school. Lizzy was very different from Ethan, he was a quiet, shy and lonely boy but Lizzy was an outgoing girl, wanting to mingle with everyone and making friends. Even through their differences, he never fell in a romantic love with her. 

There was this one girl Lizzy recalls who had captured Ethan’s heart when he was a mere boy. How Lizzy did know this, Ethan had no idea. But there was this one person who didn’t like him but had to tolerate Ethan, William, since they were siblings and they both had promised their parents to take care of each other. William knew who the girl was and had liked her for her bubbly nature but hated the fact that Ethan had liked her too. Ethan’s parents had died when he was 12, not that it was a great childhood but then he and William had to stay with their abusive aunt Maggie. Maggie, according to Ethan was still partial towards William, he wouldn’t say anything when she would hit Ethan and since Ethan couldn’t find comfort with his own brother, he found Lizzy. 

Life wasn’t blissful, but Ethan had this one constant person with him who would go any lengths to protect him and that was Luke, his secretary cum closest confidant, Luke knew everything about Ethan, even those stories which Alex, Lizzy and William didn’t. He used to protect Ethan from William if they used to get into a fight, but unfortunately Luke didn’t stay with him unlike these three.

Ethan was with Luke, on his way to work when at the crossing he saw a woman at the footpath, he clenched his head trying to recall her face but couldn’t. Luck was in his hands today as he met the same woman who apparently was appointed in his design firm as a temporary designer. 

Yumi looked at the man in front of her, her boss, his face was staunch but yet his eyes were welcoming. They completed their greetings, Ethan was impressed with her past experience. They were in the middle of their discussion for the upcoming spring week show when suddenly William barged in and without greeting Ethan he gave a smile to Yumi and started to initiate a conversation with her. Yumi looked surprised, and answered him, but didn’t want to hold the conversation for too long and looked at Luke for help. She excused herself and went out. 

William had noticed her discomfort and got angry at Ethan. “You intentionally did this, didn’t you? You don’t want me to talk to her, but I will! Keep that in your stupid head!” Ethan held his head while Luke looked straight into William’s eye and asked him to get out before he does something. William wasn’t ready to leave but one look at Luke’s face he knew better. “Till when are you going to protect him, one or the other day you won’t be there and that would be his last” saying this William left.

Ethan was exhausted, he didn’t want his employees to see this. William usually never came when he was in office, and not when someone was actually in his cabin, William wasn’t scared of Ethan but Luke, his one glare was enough for William to leave Ethan alone.

Yumi had always been a silent and fun loving girl, having conversation with anyone was very effortless for her but today she had this uncanny, one moment Ethan had a warm and welcoming look and the other second his eyes were dark and his tone changed. She had liked his warm eyes but that instant change made her uncomfortable yet curious and that’s why she looked at Luke for help. Luke wasn’t shocked with his boss’s behaviour but his body posture had turned a bit stiff and yet his eyes held care. Yumi didn’t know what was happening but she was sure of figuring it out.

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I am a law student and a content writer here, who appreciates harmless sarcasm. I write about whatever my brainbox (or yours) fancies. Writing something other than research papers and assignments makes life a little less chaotic, for it gives a sense of unwinding your emotions. I like exploring and talking over ideas and thoughts (and an open political discussion).



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