Toxic Feminism

Okay, it’s time we talk about all these fake feminists out there. 

Now, yours truly is a strict feminist. I believe that women should be given equal rights to men, not just by constitution, but also in the mindset of this heavily patriarchal society.  (This is not the same as thinking men are below women. That, too, is a horrible mindset to have.)

That being said, I’m literate enough to know the difference between sexist comments and constructive criticism. 

Take Brie Larson, for example. She asks for support for her character in the Marvel universe. An overpowered character who has zero story arc. Although I would not blame her for the lack of story her character got, or for the annoying way they present her in any other story, I am definitely on the side of people who criticise her the way she defended her movie.

According to her, people who don’t support her character are sexist.

Like, why? How?

This article does not defend the horrible way people trolled her for months on end. That was disgusting and a shame on you if you partake in things like that for entertainment.

I cannot say for her acting. You have to be a really horrible actor for me to notice how bad at acting you are. But a bad plot? Dude, I sniff it off the trailer. And Captain Marvel’s plot… It’s centuries of just showing how horrible Marvel is at making superhero movies. 

They did Phoenix dirty so many times, I would have been genuinely surprised if they made Captain Marvel a good movie.

All that aside, I would understand Brie Larson’s point of view, I mean she is the face of a major franchise and her income depends on the audience liking the character she plays. She will obviously be very upset if people didn’t like her movie and it became a flop. It jeopardises her career.

That definitely does not mean people who call the movie horrible are in any way sexist. They are calling out Marvel  (for most part, sometimes it’s her acting). It’s not being sexist, it’s constructive criticism. 

Remember how all Thor movies used to be horrible till Chris Hemsworth listened to fans and stopped making bad movies? 

That will never happen to Captain Marvel, unfortunately. The woman is too stupid to differentiate between constructive criticism and sexism. 

The line between sexism and constructive criticism to women is of variable width. Sometimes, it tends to overlap. Sometimes, people are so into trying their level best to ensure that they don’t appear sexist that they start doing reverse sexism of sorts.

But when in doubt, I really would not recommend sexism every time. Fake feminists are people who cry sexism when there is none to be found. 

Disney’s live action Mulan is an excellent example of this. Old Mulan has so many nice things in it that make it a timeless classic. None of these elements make it to the new live action version. In Their bid to please the Chinese government, Disney made so many mistakes that make Mulan so horrible that not even the superhero movie genre will accept it. And it accepted the turds called Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix. 

Come to think of it, all of those movies are Disney, aren’t they?

Anyway, inflammatory remarks aside, the fake feminists like the New Disney, whose concern for females are so surface level that even hardcore fans refuse to support them, need to see the light.

I know it’s hard to believe for most firms, what with anti-maskers, flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers, but consumer isn’t as stupid as she may seem.

You think any girl would be stupid enough to buy your pink-taxed ‘razors for women’? Like dude, the razors for men are so much better and cheaper! 

We see through you. All of you. Only thing you are doing is making yourself look bad. 

And to women who cry sexist for no reason, SHAME ON YOU.

Shame on you for making genuine reasons for sexism look fake. Shame on you for not supporting other women who need your help cause it’ll hurt your image if you call out people. Shame on you for misusing laws made to protect women, so now so many horrible crimes against women are taken lightly and met with a bigger “Stop making stories. You’ll destroy the future of this person if you go through with this complaint.” Shame on you for calling yourself feminist when you are the first person to point a finger at another girl and call her a s|ut. Shame on you for not correcting your son when he is wrong. Shame on you for all times you don’t report another woman getting harassed in office. Shame on you for expecting life to be handed to you, and crying unfairness. Shame on you for not stopping your son from going out late at night.

Now go in a corner and realise that females make up half of the world’s population. A half that the rest of the world depends on for existing. Yes, there is patriarchy, but it’s there because we let it be accepted. But that doesn’t mean making it a matriarchy won’t open another pandora’s box. 

We make up of the world. Let’s make our half of it so much better to be in that other half has no choice but to join us into ours. And I know it won’t happen in a single day, maybe not even in this decade. Calling out Karens and Kavins out is a good start.

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Mili is pen name of Ankita Maurya. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics and is currently pursuing her master’s. She is one of those obnoxious people who prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artme.craftyou/

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