You And You

You and You.

How many of us see? 

The self. 

As it is. 

How many of us see? 

The other, as it is. 

As it really is. 

Ever pondered upon what holds you back from being naked unto yourself? Physically, emotionally, mentally. Ever pondered upon how feeling unapologetically true would feel like? 

Try it, just for the sake of newness. Not thinking about what it might cost you, nor about what you’ll receive in return. Let loose the mask(s). Let things flow. 

Be yourself. 

Touch yourself.

Listen to your body, letting breaths cast light onto those parts that long for your acknowledgment. 

And touching, simply, as if you are a child again, feeling the wonder of being alive through this body. ‘Ah! Chuck it in the “Fuck It!” bucket! However it is right now, it’s good! Things are going well. I am breathing. I am doing decent in life’. 

How comforting is it to do this… 

‘Fuck it!’ Well, I’m guessing you’re waiting till you repeat experiences, like the ones that keep giving you the same kind of wounds, with the only difference being that it keeps getting deeper and bigger the next time. 

It happened to me – going in circles – slowly things became stagnant. I couldn’t see the painful, yet relieving, breakthrough around the corner. 

We all go through it. 

So, ask, “What values are my actions adding to my life?”

Educate, unlearn and re-parent yourself. 

And listen closer. 

Courage is calling your name – to shed off all that you’re redundantly carrying in the name of love, duty and pride. 

Love is calling your name – to walk the path of your truth. 

Because, those who haven’t loved oneself will find it difficult to talk and walk its truth fearlessly, without any depleting compromise. 

This moment right here is calling your name, wanting to be lived wanting your undivided attention by you being present. Within and outside. 

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This article was written by Senorita Verma.

“Am nothing but a verb. Here to share, love, and enjoy life as it is..”

Instragram – https://www.instagram.com/_.yatra._

Email – senoritaverma@yahoo.com

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5 responses to “You And You”

  1. There’s often a misconception that survival is the hardest part, but to acknowledge and “unlearn” is harder than anything. And yes, “being present” — Nothing more, nothing less.

    More from you, please!

    Liked by 1 person

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