Hill Forts of Rajasthan

India is famous for its hospitality, varied culture and offers different destinations to different preferences and choices of a tourist. 

The North Western Indian State – RAJASTHAN, attracts tourists because of its Culture & Heritage. When we talk about its Heritage it has approximately a hundred fortifications on hills and mountain terrains. But in all forts of Rajasthan, six hill forts have been designated as “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES IN INDIA”. 

These Forts are famous for its unique Rajput Military Defense Architecture located on Aravalli Mountain Range and belongs to different clans. It includes six Majestic Forts :- 

CHITTOR FORT  is the largest Fort in India. The Fort was the Capital of Mewar and is located in the present day town of Chittorgarh.  Chittor Fort has several historical palaces, temples, gates, water tanks, and various pillars (stambha) to show its glory.

KUMBHALGARH FORT  is a Mewar fortress on the westerly range of Aravalli hills, situated near Udaipur in the Rajsamand district. It was the most important fort in the Mewar after Chittorgarh Fort. The fort is among the world, and the second largest fort in India after Chittor Fort. Kumbal Fort offers important structures like- Lakhola Tank, Hindu Temples, Jain Temples, Sun Temple, etc.

RANTHAMBORE FORT  lies within the Ranthambore National Park, near the city of Sawai Madhopur. Ranthambore National Park was the hunting grounds of Maharajas of Jaipur until the time of India’s Independence.

GAGRON FORT  is situated in Jhalwar district of Rajasthan, in the Hadoti region of India. It is a beautiful Fort and is an example of a Hill and Water Fort. It is a Hill and Water fort, one of 12 kinds of Vedic fort architecture known as JALDURG.

AMER FORT  is situated in Jaipur city. It was originally built by Raja Man Singh, later made by Sawai Jai Singh. It is known for its artistic style elements. In this fort shooting of many Bollywood films had happened. In Evening time after the closing of Amer Fort for tourists there happens this beautiful light and sound show which tells about the related history of the Fort, it happens in both English and Hindi language.

JAISALMER FORT  is situated in the city of Jaisalmer. It is believed to be one of the very few “Living Forts” in the world, as many families of the city reside within the fort only. Jaisalmer Fort is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan. It has Palaces inside it, Jain Temples, Hindu Temples, many Havelis , etc.

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