An Unconventional Way to Educate Children About Sex And Love

We are usually taught, directly or indirectly, that to be natural is the  most unnatural thing. 

When a person begins to explore its sexuality, every discovery is  like fireworks taking place. It is so deeply stimulating. 

The seek to quench its thirst full of an abiding curiosity towards its  uprising hormonal changes and the undiscovered territories of the  genitals, is projected and spurred by the smallest of things which  also mark the beginning of sexualising things. 

Speaking of sexualising things, that which is always “meant” to be  kept hidden is usually the first thing to be sexualised. Breasts,  genitals, buttocks, legs, back, etc. Even the whole act of sex is sexualised.  

But what if it’s not always meant to be sexualised. What else can  the act of sex be other than sexual?  

Now, imagine it with spoonfuls of emotional connection, consent,  deep trust and relaxed awareness. What is there now, is not just an act but something of immense depth. Something inclined towards the cosmic-ness. 

To be in such a space is sacred and imagining it is probably easy,  but to live side by side integrated with them as a part of our core values is challenging.  

I recently came across an article where Osho, an Indian mystic, speaks about sexual abuse and how when children from a younger  age are made to understand the phenomena of sex being a  beautiful, sacred, expression of love and life, it won’t tolerate abuse  as a giver, receiver or as a spectator. It is there where he  mentioned, in my understanding a revolutionary suggestion, to have the child present when the parents are making love. And  through this make the child understand and educate about sex and  love. 

This completely stirred me up, and settled profoundly.  

And here I am, sharing and writing about the importance of seeing  the sacredness even in the mundane. Or rather that which has  become mundane over time, I specifically mean the art of making  love. 

One’s quality of being present with totality and awareness of the  intentions behind the doing surely sets the difference. 

Having children see their parents have sex is a powerful and  groundbreaking concept to be worked around. If and when I have a  child of my own I am also definitely considering to clarify certain  things. For example : this, for them, is not the age to have sex but  rather learn about and see certain aspects of life as it is, to be  careful to not objectify your own and someone else’s body, to  explore and experiment with sex and finally, celebrate and enjoy.  More to it can be added along the journey as you also refine as an  individual broadening its horizons. 

So, beauties and beauties, allow yourself to open up and  experiment with having the quality of inclusiveness with your  children, teenagers and young adults. Rediscover everyday life.

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This article was written by Senorita Verma.

“Am nothing but a verb. Here to share, love, and enjoy life as it is..”

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