Free Reign

This is not feminism, just fact, that what women do and go through things no one can! I won’t deny that men go through a lot… but not as much as women do. 

People think that it would be better if a man works there because they think women are not capable. 

A woman pilot wants to go for a rescue mission, news flashes on tv, “Was there a lack of men that we needed to risk a women’s life? If you want her to be safe, then you would’ve to punish the rapists, educate men in society, and teach them to stay at home so that girls will be safe! 

But you didn’t. So now you have no right for this. You’ve appointed her on the basis of her capability not gender. If a woman gets unsuccessful due to a man, she is blamed for it and told, “If there would be a man in your place then this wouldn’t have happened.” Why? She did her best, what is this gender inequality in work? They question her capability. That man is not blamed but a woman is…. wow! 

Why is a woman always questioned for her work? Beat it, for any work. They say mother nature has differentiated male and female and we shouldn’t interfere into this. When a girl is in periods, she is asked to stay out of the kitchen and not touch anything. Why? God has only made us this way and periods is the way you’re given life in this world. And yes, we are not impure! To all those who believe this are those people who unnecessarily blame mother nature and who blames a woman for getting kidnapped, not the kidnapper.  Every woman has a goddess in her… everyday she has to pass tests of life. They say there’s no doubt that women have to bear a lot.. no don’t feel pity on us, we are not among those who are weak. 

People even say, “Now time is revolving and there is equality between men and women but it’s not important that every woman is capable of every work.” 

So let me tell you, there was a time when by saying this that every woman is not capable of every work people said that women are not capable of studies but they nailed it. Today many women are educated and independent. 

And by the way people, what equality are you talking about? What do you think that if a few women are allowed to study, their lives are equal to men? What do you know about being a woman? On every step such questions come across that a man can’t even think of. 

Dress is not too short, right? People will question her character. 

Is she laughing a lot? 

People will make out wrong meanings. 

Is she working less compared to men in office, people will stop her promotion by saying she’s not capable of it. 

After work she will have to make food, because even if both work food is to be prepared by women only, right? When men work overnight, people will say “He works a lot” and pity on him, when a woman works overnight, “what is such a work and why is it so important that she has to work overnight.” 

Other than this everyday women have to think about such things that only a woman can understand.

Is my bra strap visible? Is that guy who is starring since long has wrong intentions? If a male wants to remarry, people say, “He should either he’ll feel lonely”, when a female wants to remarry people say, “she has no self respect, she doesn’t care about her husband, his family”, even her own family tells her to go back and live there. Why? Doesn’t she have her own life? Doesn’t she have her own choices to make? 

Even if there’s a sought of issue between a couple, the girl is to be blamed and when she leaves him and goes back to her parents, people talk shit about her…even her family restrains her from going against her husband. Why?

 Doesn’t she have a right to move on if she doesn’t want to stay with her husband? Why can’t she file a divorce? It is legal, right? And most importantly, it is her life! 

In a crowd, a man can touch a woman anywhere, because when a woman is in a public place she becomes a public property. In buses, seats for women are reserved, men have a problem with it, they say they need quality also and reservation also. When every month you will bleed like water, have mood swings, severe headaches, cramps and swollen legs, every damn month! Then we will talk of equality! 

So please don’t waste your energy and time on telling women what to do and what not to instead think of what women want to do and do they get opportunity for it! Equality is a wrong word! We don’t even get a share right now!

Don’t let people affect you! 

Do what you feel is right for you!

I can’t do much, but just can make you all feel motivated and proud!

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_bhumiiibhardwaj/

Email- bhardwajbhumi2006@gmail.com

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