As per a United Nations study, the world produces enough food waste to feed as many as 2 billion people each year.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and WRAP published the Food Waste Index Report 2021, and underlined the wastage of food by several nations in 2019. According to the information, around 931 million tons of food items were squandered worldwide in 2019.

An individual in a dim and distant village of Burundi (country in East Africa) is putting up a fight against starvation while, at the same moment, a person jettisons a quart of food scraps accumulated from an eatery in a city in Qatar. Due to the quality of denseness in humans, and lack of acknowledgment, food has been dragged through the mud in the world. Notably, some nations seem to fritter away vast amounts and tons of food annually, considerably more at a gallop than they should.

Below are the four nations that waste the most food:

4. Bahrain

“Food dumped by families makes up 35.2% of the overall annual quantity of domestic waste in Bahrain”, said Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Minister Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf. When the globe is battling starvation and abject poverty, a bunch of food is closing up in garbage containers here at a point in time. Corresponding to formal statistics, the amount of household waste thrown each year in Bahrain is around 554,000 tons, on average. In Ramadan, food waste produced in particular in Bahrain outstrips 600 tons per day. Bahrain generates the greatest amount of waste per person amongst GCC nations, in spite of being the smallest country in the area.

3. Greece

Not only do the Greeks waste nearly double the quantity of food items that are being misused on a regular basis everywhere on the globe, but they are correspondingly first in the whole European continent in relations of food waste. Greeks waste away,  typically, an astounding 142 kilograms (313 pounds) of food each year. While more individuals in advanced nations are at once mindful of the occurrence of food waste, not many have shifted their patterns or aggressively striving to lessen their own garbage. In Greece, there is a separate disparity in contrast with other European nations on apprising communities about the phenomenon of food wastage..

2. Rwanda

Food depletion in the way of post-harvest failure is a foremost challenge for food production in Rwanda. By analyzing rice, maize and tomatoes, as  few of the nation’s main crops, the study, revealed that 40 percent of overall food production or 3 million tons of food – is either abandoned or squandered every single year. The authorities stated that food damage and waste grapple with especially post-harvest which worsens food insecurity, lessens revenue to farmers and populations, and destroys numerous resources  containing energy, land, and water.

1.  Nigeria

Nations like Nigeria generate waste at 189 kg / capita / year. Nigeria has a variety of reasons for such occurrence which involves loss after harvesting and during the course of transportation. Buyers are also to be criticized since many purchase higher quantities than they can use. Home to the leading tomato production belt in west Africa, yet cultivators are losing more than 50% of their yields owing to a paucity of cold storage. Nigeria is an exceptionally large state, with 90 million smallholder agriculturalists who do not have access to any type of cold storage. Other causes also include harsh atmospheric conditions and absence of planning.

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