A Long Walk By The Ocean

A long walk by the ocean, with my feet sinking in the warm sand or me just staring at those mountains calling out to me to get out there and just live my life. What I wouldn’t give to just get out of my monotonous, boring life and just travel and enjoy without a devil’s care in the world. But it is not a fairy tale that you or I live in, and especially in these times of the global pandemic that still hasn’t left us, even after destroying all our plans for a whole freaking year.

But despite facing all the challenges, be it the Coronavirus, not getting permission from our parents for that Goa vacation with friends or you know just our old self cancelling all the plans so that we don’t have to interact with people. The last year has changed everything for everyone. Earlier an office going lad would have given anything in exchange for a day chilling at home and an opportunity to work sitting from the luxuries of his home, a college student would have been so happy not having to maintain attendance and attending those boring lectures of the most fearsome teacher, a school going kid not having to wake up early and instead play and watch T.V all day long. But, as the saying goes, too much of anything is bad and eventually when it becomes a routine, we come to dread it.

In the past year everyone had to stay home, first willingly then just because they had no other option. But, this also had a positive side to it, as it led to people opening up their gates of creativity and doing things they would have never thought would do. Many started painting, others started dancing or started just spending some quality time with their loved ones. Not only this, it led to some interesting ideas which became so popular, had it not been for the lockdown no one would have paid attention to them.

One of the most interesting ventures I found was virtual travelling, in which you could just switch on your laptop/phone screen and type out the name of any city in the world and just look at it’s amazing views and sceneries. Although I do agree it’s not exactly what you might have planned, what does a travel enthusiast like me do when put in a situation where you have to stay at home 24/7, and I work on the motto that at least something is better than nothing. To be honest, this virtual travelling experience was like window shopping for me, like we try on clothes at malls or just look at them on Amazon and save for later when we have our bank balance brimming with the month’s salary. Similarly, in this case I just walk along the beautiful streets of Greece, or stand on top of the Eiffel tower just soaking up all it’s beauty or stand in the middle of New York City just watching the traffic go by, and all this just with the help of my 4G and when later when things are back to normal I can just choose from all the virtually travelled places, where is it my journey would start and go about exploring the world wearing the dresses saved in my wishlist.

So, as it is said every coin has 2 sides, if I want I can just sit at home cribbing about what a pathetic, useless year it had been or I could just brag about the places I visited, cultures I learned and that too just sitting on my bed chilling. 

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Hi, my name is Deeksha Agarwal. I recently completed my B.Tech from JIIT Noida. I am a person who loves to stay at home, read books, watch Netflix all day and sometimes paint and draw to let my self expression out.


Email- agarwaldeeksha16@gmail.com

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