Discovering some of the world’s most fascinating places from a unique perspective, boarding a luxury train will make the entire experience even more special, with all the amenities to make a tourist feel comfortable, delicious food and drinks, brilliant staff and guides, and many other interesting activities on offer. 

Without further ado, lets catch a glimpse of the “World’s Top 5 Luxury Trains” :


Once upon a time India used to be the land of Maharaja’s, a magical place of Kingdoms and kings, where cultures flourished and developed with time. It covers 12 awesome destinations across North-West and Central India, between October and April. Launched in 2010, the Maharaja Express was already voted “The World’s leading Luxury Train” five times in a row, and it probably won’t stop there. It has 2 elegant dining cars, a beautiful lounge car called the Rajah Club with a private bar and 14 exquisite guest cars, with a total passengers capacity of 84.


Offers undoubtedly the world’s greatest journey by train, an epic 15 day trip spanning 2 countries and seven different time zones. The famous Trans-Sibrerian railway runs across the mysterious Russia, going over the Urals to connect the West in Moscow, to the East in Vladivostok. It makes a stop in Mongolia and its capital Ulaan Bataar. In terms of services, dining and accommodation, this train gives world class facilities with a beautifully appointed bar and lounge car, two lovely restaurant cars, and much more. 


The Royal Scotsman is a magnificent train to stay the least. A small setting that could host only 36 passengers. This amazing train will take you on an unforgettable journey through the Highlands, allowing you to see some of Scotland’s most important landmarks along the way, giving five star luxury.  It is made of 10 incredible cars, 2 dining cars, five state cars, one crew car, a lovely observation car and a luxurious spa car. 


This luxury train usually goes from London to Venice. The classical London to Venice route is served once or twice a week, with stops in Paris, Zurich, Innsbruck and Verona, bit few times a year the Venice Simplon Orient Express additionally, travel to Istanbul via Budapest and Bucharest, or to Rome, Brelin, Stockholm or Copenhagen. This renowned luxury train takes train rides to the next level with lavish guest accommodations, amazing food, world class service and best amenities. 


Operated by Belmond ltd. a company that is synonymous with luxury and excellence, this lovely train goes through Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, in a wonderful journey which takes four days and three new nights. There are two mesmerizing dining cars, two bar cars, a library car, a salon car and a lovely open air observation car that will make your journey through South East Asia totally special. 

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