B.tech Stories by Maan #3

So I have a gang in college now.

We were looking out from our seniors who had played in online classes. We thought we should do it too.

So we did.

We spammed happy birthday.

The entire class had a happy birthday, but no one knew whose birthday it was.

V from our gang was going to admit “I was playing a prank.” But as soon as he said I, everyone started spamming “Happy Birthday, V!”

We made that guy’s birthday on that day.

Celebrating it. there and then. Asked for a party and everything.

5-6 teachers were also there.

They also wished him.

It all went awesome.

Now, let me tell you the dates.

My birthday is on 12th November. We made his birthday on 7th November.

We gave birth to a baby right there.

Fantastic chu#£@ these idiots are.

I mean, on his fake birthday, everyone was okay with spamming wishes, but not on my real one.

They asked me if I was pranking them. They said, “Are you sure your birthday is today?”

These guys are something else entirely.

All they had to say is Happy Birthday. What is it going to cost them?

What is spent by them?


That is a total of 15 characters. Even if you take each character to be of 2 bytes, it will still only cost you 30 bytes of data.

You are not garnering a huge loss!

I am not even asking you to post any GIFs or emoji.

But no.

Is it your birthday today? Or not? Say for sure.

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Maan Veer Maurya is a B.Tech student (AI) in SRM, Chennai

Instagram:- www.instagram.com/maan.v.maurya/ Snapchat:- maan.maurya

Email:- maanveermaurya@gmail.com

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