Virginity Is Not Dignity

We value something after it’s lost, yes virginity is more of an emotional connect with your partner rather than just fun.

Sex education is high quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality.

Comprehensive sexuality education covers a broad range of topics related to:

• Human Development ( reproduction, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity)

• Relationships ( families, friendships, romantic relationships and dating)

• Personal Skills ( communication, negotiation, and decision-making)

• Sexual Behavior ( abstinence and sexuality throughout life)

Sexual Health ( sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy)

Society and Culture ( gender roles, diversity)

You are 25 and still a virgin, I respect you.

You are 19 and pregnant, I respect you the same.


It’s your life and you did not give us the right to judge you.

And why do we even care for those who judge us. Don’t have ass? People will make your fun. Have it? Better cover yourself and do not be a slut. Uhh… short? Better wear heals. Tall? Shit. U can’t be taller than men. Underweight? Gain weight, don’t be skinny. Overweight? Reduce weight, don’t be chubby. Over makeup? Yuck… look naturally beautiful. No makeup? Eww you look ugly. For men, you crying? Men don’t cry. You aren’t crying? Men don’t have emotions. You wanna cook? No it’s a woman’s duty. You don’t wanna cook? Men should know how to cook. Men are not serious in a relationship. Am I a time pass for you? Men are serious in a relationship. I thought we weren’t serious. From a women being friendly with her male colleague being judged as a slut while men being friendly with females is considered flirting to women staying in an apartment and partying with her friends puts a scar on her character but a man partying with his friends is considered to be that ya it’s his age to do all this? Wow does it look like a fair play? When a woman achieves her career goals, people comment that she’s too career-obsessed and neglecting the other “womanly” responsibilities like starting a family or being a good wife. They consider her to be a baby-birthing machine. They made us impure by saying that we bleed. It’s god gifted and we are blessed to be a girl.

Losing virginity is something that just happens over a time. People judge and say that this is impure before marriage. No it isn’t! Rapes are impure because they are not done with consent! If two people love each other and what is pure and impure? It’s unfair how virginity is perceived for men-for them, losing it is a badge of honour but women- they are judged and shamed. There is a perfect person and time to lose virginity with. Virginity is not a medical term. It has a lot of different feelings, anxiety, nervousness!

Sex is considered wrong because we talk about it in corners, why do people feel wrong after losing virginity? Why do they develop problems like unwanted pregnancy, HIV/AIDS? Because we don’t wanna talk about it, let me correct it, we do not want to talk about it in open.

We are so eager to talk about it and yes teens should be taught about this. What is to happen will happen! If this generation wants this….give them this. Be open to them about any tabooed topic .

Everyone wants to experience it and It’s normal!

Instead of preventing teens to know about this, teach them this yourself. Instead they get to know from somewhere else in an inappropriate way teach them yourself.

Not knowing about it is okay, but having half information about anything is dangerous.

Hey people! You are much more than the number of people viewing or liking your pictures on social media. And yes, to all the people right there, just BE YOURSELF. If you are confident about your decision, then just do it.

Be who you are! Just accept yourself and know your worth.

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_bhumiiibhardwaj/

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