Fahim Was Here : Duologue with Fahim Faizal


Fahim Faizal is a student from Mozambique who currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He believes that travelling gives the opportunity to see issues and daily life challenges from a different angle. Though he is not much of a talker but his work speaks for itself. You can reach out to Fahim Faizal on Instagram fahimmfaizal and fawn over their works, like we do.

Glad to have you for this Duologue. You have travelled to diverse and as pretty as picturesque locations. What’s your favorite place so far?

India. I love it, it has been an amazing adventure to explore Incredible India. I think if the saying “Long after you leave India; India will still be with you”

Undoubtedly! At such a young age you have been travelling. How many countries have you visited?

18 so far. 177 to go!

There’s always one place where one longs to be or desires to visit. What place is on top of your bucket list?

Brazil. I love the beauty of the country. The beaches, the food, the culture and the people. Since I know the language, it would be easier to assimilate and absorb the culture. 

A beautiful picture captured by Fahim Faizal which he captioned as “Lovely Lisbon“, the stunning capital city of Portugal, and one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe.

The most important part to make a journey memorable is also determined with whom you travel. Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

Solo Travel. Solo Travel really takes you out of your comfort zone. It challenges you and I love to learn more about my capabilities, and solo traveling brings this out in me.

What has been the most interesting item of food you’ve tasted?

Paella, in Spain. I have tried many variations of this dish, but actually trying the real thing in Spain was a completely new experience!

Travel can bring you closer to people you might never come across and let you make lifelong memories and even lasting friendships. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

A friend from the Ukraine who was able to make his dreams come true in America. He had always wanted to live in the USA, so he learnt English on his own and worked hard to go there. He now has reaped the rewards of his hard work and lives the American Dream.

Just wondering, for both the enjoyment of listening to scary stories and giving us the information we can learn from: What’s been your scariest moment which you encountered while travelling? 

Almost missing a flight. This was recently, when I was in America. I had been stranded there for almost 6 months and I was dying to go home. I had a 3 hour layover in New York, so I decided to make the most of it and go see the city. I went to Brooklyn and spent some time walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. I had to hurry back to the airport, so I got a cab. There was a massive traffic jam on the way and I spent almost an hour waiting. I was so afraid I’d miss the flight, but I very luckily made it one time!

Clicked by Fahim Faizal, he captioned it as one of the beautiful cities he has visited. Reputed to be happiest city in the world, Copenhagen is known for its canals, excellent food, Tivoli Gardens.

Where would you most like to live in the world?

I would love to live in Japan. Something about the Japanese way of life really fascinates me. Also, I love sushi!!

How are you documenting your trip?

I document my trips by keeping everything – from plane tickets to hotel brochures. I also use my camera and phone for pictures and videos.

Interviewer’s note: The accounts in shout-out are hyperlinked to the respective profiles.

How have your plans changed due to the pandemic while being in Texas?

Luckily, America is opening up for domestic travel, and vaccines are easily accessible to all here. But I have chosen to hold off on traveling right now, just to be on the safe side. My advice to anyone who wishes to travel right now is to be patient and wait it out. Once the pandemic goes away, and the world is healed, we can all experience the beauty of the world once again.

Lastly, If you could swim with dolphins or go shark diving, which would you pick?

Swim with dolphins because I feel like dolphins are such beautiful creatures who love humans and who enjoy being in contact with us.

Unverbalise is ever the more grateful for this interview from Fahim Faizal. We hope to continue to bring in more amazing people to our platform to inspire our readers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our site and share the word around.


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