Watch Out It Involves Nudity!

It’s what binds us, collectively expresses us as a species, plays a vital role in living the experiences we live, it’s the best vehicle that walks the Earth. So why not own it, accept and live it for what it is. 

Yes, I’m talking about your body, my body, our bodies. 

Jeez! If I could weigh, the amount of time I’ve pondered upon this thought of how it would be if we as humans were comfortable with nudity, that would be the heaviest thing ever measured. 

‘Watch out, it involves nudity!’ Who else has grown up listening to this, and still does once in a while, or read it somewhere? As if it’s a sin. Unfortunately, it’s illegal in the society we live. 

I wonder if, everywhere, nakedness was accepted and lived would it prevent perversion, rape, body objectification and shaming? 

What we identify as and what not involves layers of cause and effects. For example, the food we savour, or don’t; the clothes we pick; the gender we identify as; the kind of people we connect to, etc. Why do we do the things we do? 

Some things that you’ve always been believing in, may be given by others or the ones decided for yourself. They definitely may or may not change with time. Your truthfulness and critical thinking will surely assist you to understand the spectrums of your life. 

Questioning, unlearning and reparenting yourself plays a vital role when it comes to evolving. Feeling discomfort as the way and comfort of a destination, is a part. 

The contributing factors that involve the whole act of identifying with nudity are sociological factors. The varied sets of experiences, norms and ideologies we are surrounded by that create the outlines of morality. Morality, in most cases, crushes our sense of nature by becoming natural. And then we function filtered with morality. 

The overall abjection towards nudity or being naked in public is like an unfair impose over something so universal and natural. It’s like saying the tree should be wearing clothes, or an animal to cover. What’s the logic behind it? 

So many laws towards nudity being illegal have sprouted from religion. Even something like breastfeeding in public is illegal. Every religion has its own reason. They all indicate feeling ashamed when nude, or one must be. And it’s mostly said that nakedness is inextricably connected with sexual activity. But it’s surely more than that. I guarantee this. 

It’s time to start normalising nudity. Not remain chained to insensible, shabby ethics and laws towards it. That is adding to no other value than creating fear, shame and a sense of submissiveness towards those who foist that to be nude is something that should make you feel abashed. It is not. 

So, question, unlearn and reparent yourself.

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This article was written by Senorita Verma.

“Am nothing but a verb. Here to share, love, and enjoy life as it is..”

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