Mineral water – ₹ 30 

Acid bottle – ₹20

One of the very gruesome sights is the face of an acid victim, i.e. generally the face of a female who has had raw acid thrown on her face. Acid is thrown from behind as they cannot withstand us so they want us to be weak so that they can easily defeat us. People throw acid in order to take revenge in love, hatred. If someone ignored or rejected them, their ego got hurt. But there are far more cases of females than males. Even though we feel low when someone does that, we do not think of doing this. Is this the right way to take revenge? It isn’t even a fair play. This violent act proves that they are a coward. They don’t have the guts to face us, so they attack when one’s not ready. 

Apart from the initial shock of having pieces of flesh melt away with excruciating pain, the horror of not being able to do anything about it instantly, by which time most of the damage is done, she is left to discover for herself slowly, what she has lost in body, mind and soul. 

What is wrong with Indian society that takes such acid attacks lightly? It permits the perpetrator of such violent acts as acid throwing, or with some light sentence that is laughable considering the intensity of the crime and the damage caused to the victim’s body and the scars left on her soul for life. Acid victims not only suffer physical trauma – also the mental trauma is devastating! Those close to the victim also put up with unimaginable pain and suffering to see their loved ones going through such misery. Some of these victims lose their sight and others succumb to their injuries.

An acid attack is the most abominable crime. Living life with the fear of being attacked is like living with your breast to a knife. This knife is constantly hanging in your mind, butchering your confidence every day, wherever you may be. Acid is so cheaply available. You can buy it everywhere today, even though, had it been outlawed, it would have saved the lives of so many women

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.





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