Kite, Key and Ether

How often you let your guards down,
And mumble to my soul?
As I look at the horizon,
Trying to fathom, the lengths I can go.
To have and to hold,
And to disappear passively,
Into the nothingness that ether offers.

I have been that kite and that whirlwind,
That have been to places, known and unknown.
Seeking this convoluted, yet sublime, emotion,
That is love.
And solace, I have found, unkempt,
In those things, intricate and small,
Of beauty and desire.

And that voyage, short, yet timeless,
Have taught me, to be that key, amorphous, yet real,
That open the coffer,
Of war and peace, to love and to despise,
For one without another, is nonsensical and incomplete.

Hi, my name is Abhishek Kumar. I am a law student, currently pursuing B.B.A., LL.B. from CNLU, Patna. I am a Movie Buff for the major part. For the rest, I channel my qi through writing, building stuff and reading.

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