Childhood Memories

My favourite childhood memory has always been the one where every year as I was upgraded from a lower grade to a higher one and just one month of feeling accomplished, the most amazing time of the year would start- “SUMMER VACATIONS”.

I always had all of my 60 days planned beforehand with pinky swears being taken from my parents to not ruin ANY of my plans.

The starting would always be with me and my mother going to Nani’s home along maasi and her kids. Their nani, mami and all my other cousins would be waiting for our arrival and just eager to start all the fun for the next 10-15 days. We had the most epic parties’ kids could have, you know one day we would be having a midnight kurkure party, the next day pizza party and their would always be fights for that last slice. And the fun would just get doubled everyday, until the day of departure would arrive and all of us leaving with tears. But as soon as I would get down from the train, hugging my father I would be just happy all over again, as our arrival indicated now bua is gonna come with her kids and again the enjoyment would start.

Although as the years passed, I started growing up, my brother was also born and the burden of studies also started increasing, all the activities that used to happen on those 60 days started becoming just good old memories. The thing is atleast I do have something treasured in my memory that I could keep for my whole life, such is not the case with the kids these days. As an example, if I take my brother who is 12 years younger than me, I can definitely say the lifestyle he is presently living with all the gadgets at his disposal, it is not something he or any other kid would be remembering once they get older.

Looking at today’s lifestyle, I feel so lucky to have all those memories with myself to keep me company. Although, such is not the case with the generation today, and with all this staying at home for more than a year, the children have just forgotten what socializing is, and it has created a lot of negative effect on their mental health too. Being just 11 years old, my brother does not even feel the importance of these summer vacations that are going on right now, and it’s definitely not his fault. At his age what he should be doing is going for summer camps, learning different skills, enjoying with his cousins and playing with his friends and instead what he has to do is just live that same monotonous routine everyday.

So what I feel is, that it doesn’t matter however much luxuries we are getting, but if we don’t get out of our comfortable zones to experience new things, even those comfortable beds and rooms would start to feel like a jail. It is important that we create as much good memories as we can as they are what will get us through the time when we do not feel like ourselves.

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Hi, my name is Deeksha Agarwal. I recently completed my B.Tech from JIIT Noida. I am a person who loves to stay at home, read books, watch Netflix all day and sometimes paint and draw to let my self expression out.



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