B.tech Stories by Maan #4

This one is not story of college, it is of school.

So, I was newly transferred to Patna. I was an outsider to the city.

There were some kids in school who thought they were gangsta.

Bihari people ask the outsiders if they want to live in Bihar? They tried to overpower me.

Now, you all know, military people think of themselves as superior to others. And I am. I am better, okay?

And the type they were, I’m way above their level.

I am definitely not saying Bihari people are like that, but those guys were every stereotypical thing you could have heard about Biharis.

So, they come to me in the library and ask, “Do you want to live in Bihar?”

I remained silent.

They cornered my seat in class, because I was not listening to them. Not doing stuff they wanted me to do. 

They again ask me, “Do you want to live in Bihar?”

I again remained quiet. 

They called me behencho^%. I, in turn called them behen ke cho!^*&.

When they first listen to it, they thought it is Punjabi swear word.

They asked me if I was Punjabi.

Then they ask me the meaning of behen ke cho!^*&.

I told them, “It means that you are so weak, you couldn’t F%^$ your sis. She F%^$ you.

The one of the guy’s girlfriend was sitting right there. The amount she giggled at that. She puts a hand on her mouth.

It was awesome.

I am not talking about the girl. I am talking about the guys’ ego I was ruined to shreds.

I am a savage.

Rest of the story next time.

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Maan Veer Maurya is a B.Tech student (AI) in SRM, Chennai

Instagram:- www.instagram.com/maan.v.maurya/ Snapchat:- maan.maurya

Email:- maanveermaurya@gmail.com

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