A blank mind and trembling hands were all I possessed,
Gasping for words as I choked on my own thoughts and mind.
A melody played in my head, forming a picture,
The purple-pink skies steered me to an epiphany, one of a kind.

My numb imagination gave way to the fear,
A song played in my head, turning my musings dark.
The trees formed a canopy, casting a shadow over my senses,
Creeping up my spine, my monsters left a mark.

A howl, so ominous, so sinister, rang through my ears,
Piercing through the malicious sprigs, I scuffled.
A song played in my head, guiding me to the incandescent beacons,
The crisp breeze caressed my face, telling me my soul was no longer muffled.

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Hello, I am Pratha Sachdeva.

Wordplay is an escape for me; I write to create a world for myself and for the people who think escapism isn’t so bad after all. Inspired by my favorite poets Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe, I try to explore the themes of struggles with self, death, love, nature, and the links between them all in my poetry and proses.

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