The Relapse of Monsoon

My hand sits flat on my thigh,
Which taps relentlessly and offbeat.

I want to reach out,
But it’s not the people that can help.
Although it is only them who were kind enough to offer,
I was told not to be ashamed.

Every man has the tendency to lose balance,
When walking on a thin line.
Do they not understand that I was raised being taught of walking on it?
I should have been able to walk it like a runway model.

But instead, I slipped away, I did not hesitate to let go…
I was told,
Relapse in recovery, is normal.
But I am not, to feel this way.

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Hi! I am Neha Thapar. I am an escapist who believes that Italy can cure my moods…I love the weathers and skies

Instagram: poetryising

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