There’s more to you than they can see,
Through their monochromatic eyes.
You are a masterpiece,
Painted with the colours in your palette of truth.

You were meant to bloom with the bellflowers and breathe under pink skies.
You were meant to dive into the blue ocean waters and dance to the songs of the wind with the leaves.
You were meant to shine like the bright yellow Sun and fly with the orange monarchs.

You are as rare as the red diamond,
Don’t let them tell you otherwise.
With moondust in your lungs and stars in your eyes,
You are a child of the cosmos,
A spectrum of possibilities divine.

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Hello, I am Maniparna Sen.

I am a nineteen year old who aspires to change the world one reality check and one effort at a time. I believe that poetry and music are inexhaustible forms of magic which make the world a more beautiful place. On days when I can’t voice my feelings, my pen comes to the rescue.

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