Are You Communicating Effectively? – The Colours of Communication

Be a voice, not an echo.

Communication is the link between you and others relating to casual, personal or professional relationships. Effective communication brings the needed clarity and helps create an environment of transparency leading to enhanced trust among the individuals involved. In today’s world people assume it’s important to be diplomatic when dealing with people but in most cases a straightforward communication is always a better option. However, being straightforward is often confused with being crude, rude and even heartless, which is not the truth. You can be straight forward while following civility. The point is you simply need to be clear on the message and let others know how they can help you with it. Relations form the foundation of your personal and professional life and effective communication helps to make the bond strong. Remember, buffer zones are not roadblocks; instead, they are the needed space that helps incorporate the message with clarity. 

Every person has a unique communication style. In order to understand their personality, you can use the following guidelines.

Colours talk in communication!

Colours used by individuals in their daily life whether in clothes, furnishing, personal vehicle colour, gadgets and other items reflect their personality. Identifying them helps in better communication and understanding 

Blue – Confident, Wise, Freedom lovers, unafraid to speak.

Red – Decisive, straight forward and issues of power play.

Yellow – Open-minded, sensitive towards others, courageous.

Green – Good judgment enables one to take a moral stand while making decisions. 

Orange – Innovative, vibrant, confident. 

Pink – Friendliness, Devoted, Immaturity.

Violet – Self-realization, humility, leadership traits, problem solver. 

Turquoise – Public Speaking, civility, reliability. 

Brown – Organic approach, strong foundation, practical.

Neon – Colourful personality, people pleaser, avoids self-discovery, can’t stand                alone for any cause whatsoever.

Black – Strong headed, confident, unconventional. 

White – Pure, transparent, offers a new perspective.

Study an individual’s choice of primary and secondary colours and tailor your approach towards them accordingly for best results. The more you understand someone’s personality the better it will help you to communicate effectively with them.

Be Responsible.

Contemplate before speaking or writing. Have you ever considered the fact that your words do impact your surroundings and individual’s? Whether we want to take ownership or not, the truth is how we communicate verbally or in writing holds the power to influence. Now it completely depends on the individual to have a positive or negative influence. Being sneaky, manipulative, or cunning is not something that should be promoted or appreciated. Instead, respectful and transparent communication should be enhanced. It’s important to not only be honest while communicating, but also to actually practice the rules of civility while communicating. Empathy is highly underrated when it comes to effective and ethical communication and delivery. Empathetic communication is stimulating and can-do wonders, some beyond our comprehension. It can ignite the willingness to do more and achieve more; it can bring transformation and balance. It has infinite applications and so it’s powerful. 

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