Say no to Human Safari

Andaman & Nicobar islands is a union territory of India situated at the junction of Andaman Sea and Bay Of Bengal which attracts many tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches and water adventure sports activities. It is far from mainland India, that’s why it has less population residing there because of this, these islands are still having their Natural beauty with them.

Most Remote tribes of the world like Sentinelese, Onge, Jarawa are in Andaman & Nicobar islands who are  indigenous people of India.

Jarawa tribe lives on the west coast of South Andaman. Jarawa tribe Men are known for wild pig hunting and Women do very good fishing without using any equipment as we do today. Their children become independent much earlier and do all their work without any involvement of elders. 

The biggest threat to the Jarawa tribe in recent years is a Great Andaman Trunk Road, which connects more than 350 villages. Great Andaman Trunk Road or National Highway Passes through the Jarawa tribe area called as Jarawa Reserve.

In late 1997, some Jarawa came out of their forest to nearby settlements for the first time due to this, a serious measles epidemic broke out, and many members of the tribe died. The outbreak of diseases was not only for one time, but it has occurred many times due to which deaths were reported. This happened because Jarawa people do not have human interaction rather than their own people. 

Great Andaman Trunk Road is used for sightseeing tours for tourists to see Jarawa, this is known as Human Safari, as we go for jungle safari to see animals. They are not the animals that tourists view them to be, take their pictures and exploit them like anything. Some tourists attempt interactions with jarawas, often begging on highways. Tourists throw biscuits, or any fruit, or any eatable product and make videos or take photographs and torture or exploit them. 

This Kind of act called Human Safari is illegal under Indian Law.

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in Supreme Court against  private tour operators who organize such Human Safari for tourists coming to Andaman & Nicobar islands. In 2013 an interim order was passed banning tourists from taking the Great Andaman Trunk Road that passes through Jarawa Reserve. As a response to this a petition was filed on behalf of local people that this National Highway the Great ATR is important to us and cannot be closed. The Supreme Court therefore revised its interim order allowing the road to be opened, but the vehicles only being allowed to travel in large convoys four times a day with proper following of rules and regulations.

We as a responsible citizen of our country India should not promote or engage others and ourselves to this kind of human exploitation. We have to save our tribes from being extinct.

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