With My Memories: Reply 1988

With my new found obsession over K-drama during this period, I came across a show I can’t seem to get over with. With a magnificent cast and the hit of nostalgia, Reply 1988 became my favourite from the 3rd episode where I saw Jung-Hwan, Sun Woo and Dong-Ryong dance so perfectly to SoBangCha’s “Story of last night” and I see myself mugging up the lyrics to the Korean song attempting to dance perfectly as they did. I did not think that I could fall in love with a show because honestly I’m just a music person. 

The show takes me back to the feeling of life being less chaotic than it is now, with the cute Park Bo Gum as the clumsy yet cute Choi Taek the Baduk prodigy who everyone loves like a little kid to the bickering of Deok Sun and Bo Ra, reminding me of the bond my older sister and I share. It takes me back to the time when happiness was just what we felt even with those moments of sadness. The mom’s shouting for their kids to come and have dinner while the five friends hangout reminds me of the times when my mom used to do the same to me in childhood. 

The show makes you take a little peek into the normal lives of everyone you know and your memories, because every moment in the show you feel as if you see yourself as a young high school kid going about your day with your friends. The moments of first crush, the first love, and the first kiss and belongingness. 

It not only focuses on the lives of the five friends but their families in the Ssangmundong district. It makes us realise how parents are just normal human beings, they have their own problems to take care of, their own feelings and conflicts, and how sometimes it’s okay for their child to be the headrest they can rely on without feeling guilty about it because that’s what family is. Their friendship with other parents, the time they spend together, cutting vegetables, sending food to each other’s houses and eating kimchi with literally anything. This takes you back to make you grasp the fact that let us go easy on our parents.

This show makes you understand love as friendship, having someone to take care of without expecting something in return, the love of friendship, the time spent together, and the romantic love which you try holding onto but can’t. The major second-lead syndrome for Deok Sun and Jung pal but also the admiration and nature of Choi Taek. The second love story blooming between a polite older brother to a cute little sister and the always angry older sister Sun Bo Ra, the funny yet the most wise friend Dong Ryong and his lack of attention from his parents and the sweet yet too silent father of Choi Taek and his silent care for his only son.

This show is definitely a must watch for someone who is planning to watch K-dramas. A walk down the memory lane with a hint, actually a lot of nostalgia, leaving you with a feeling as if you’re listening to a Saudade.

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I am a law student and a content writer here, who appreciates harmless sarcasm. I write about whatever my brainbox (or yours) fancies. Writing something other than research papers and assignments makes life a little less chaotic, for it gives a sense of unwinding your emotions. I like exploring and talking over ideas and thoughts (and an open political discussion).



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