Yes! Experienced by all.

When small things not exciting you that much anymore,
When so many people are around,
But you still feel so alone.

When you are trying to be more practical,
Knowing you held your feelings for so long.
When you have so many things,
But you don’t want to say anymore.

When there are many things,
But no one complained.
When you just tired of being angry,
Because you know now it’s not worth anymore.

When you listen lies of others,
Despite knowing the truth.
you have seen so many people like this,
So it’s not a surprise anymore.

When you think,
No one will understand you at all.
Congratulations !!!
You are not a child anymore.

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Diksha Katiyar is a 16 years old Student.

“I consider writing as a medium to express my self in a creative way. My dream is to do something that sets me apart from a crowd.”


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