Duologue with Dhruv Badaya

Dhruv Badaya is a comic artist and illustrator from India and uses The Lightless Days as for professional circumstances. He has an amazing talent at hit the mark with all his works. You can reach her at thelightlessdays on Instagram fawn over their works, like we do.

How do you come up with ideas for comics?

There is only one comic I made that is based on a joke that I thought of. Most of the time, I get the ideas for my comics from my younger siblings. Other times, I find hilarious jokes on showerthoughts subreddit. 

Is there an artist you look up to and follow?

The first comic strip I read was Garfield. I have been reading the mini comic strips in the newspaper everyday since I was sixteen. Apart from these, I also love Family Circus, Goofy God Comics and Nathan W. Pyle.

Interviewer’s note: This is illustration made by Dhruv, posted on his Instagram. Used with permission.

What software do you like to use?

I prefer Autodesk Sketchbook along with Canva, though I have also tried Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator was complicated as it had too many tools and features, so I switched to a less complicated applications: Autodesk & Canva.

Which hardware do you use?

The hardware I use is Samsung Note 10 and S-Pen. However, I got it recently. Earlier, I used a Vivo Y51L and Linc Touch.

Being a digital artist, you have seen a lot of colours, is there a tried and tested one which you keep returning to?

This question got me thinking. One of the colors, I found was #29440f. Looking at this shade of green reminds me of growth and renewal. I haven’t ever used this shade in one of my Instagram posts, but I have used it in several caricatures (which I intend to post on Instagram soon).

What is your method of madness?

Madness is functional and can be delusional. What one person may perceive as madness may be creativity to other. In my free time, I draw human organs, nerves, etc. I don’t know why I do this. I am not even a biology student, but I get pleasure drawing it.

How do you find time for your comics?

I started my account in 2020, during the lockdown. Since then, I have had loads of time. I don’t think I have had the problem of not having time yet, though once the pandemic gets over, I might find less time for completing comics. 

Unverbalise is ever the more grateful for this duologue with Dhruv Bahaya. We hope to continue to bring in more amazing people to our platform to inspire our readers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our site and share the word around.

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