If You Too

If you’re wondering,
I still love to make butterflies with my hands when the light goes out.
And the habit of laughing at one picture for hours,
Doesn’t seem to quit me just yet.

I still walk, when I had left the house with the intention of running.
I still stop by the superstore on my way home, not to buy anything.
But only to remember how we’d visit then.
And how we’d spend more on groceries than our budget allowed.
That was the only time I didn’t hesitate to try something new.

If you’re still wondering,
I do love flowers, but I cannot bear to pluck them.
I do drink iced tea more than I eat anything.
I do love the sunrise, but always snooze the alarm.
And then onwards I regret not waking up.

I do still think of you, and I do miss you.
But it’s for better.
So, I will learn to order what I want to eat at the restaurant.

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Hi! I am Neha Thapar. I am an escapist who believes that Italy can cure my moods…I love the weathers and skies

Instagram: poetryising

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