Of Bubblegum Pink Skies

I dream of bubblegum pink skies,
And moments which are nothing but figments of my imagination.

The walls didn’t start caving in yet,
But I know they will.
The memories didn’t start haunting me yet,
But I know they will.
They always do.

I’ve finished reading all your letters.
The words are slowly losing their powers of reassurance.
I’ve listened to our favourite songs on loop innumerable times.
I’m sorry they couldn’t make up for your absence.

Rather, I’m sorry I couldn’t let them make up for your absence.
For the first time in forever,
I can see music drowning in the waters of monotony.
And there’s nothing I can do.

I don’t have much to offer except stories of a disfigured heart,
But I’m willing to patiently listen while you talk about life and love and envy and lust.
About childhood fantasies and regrets of the past.
About battling contradictions and conquering convictions.

About things that make you who you are.
Perhaps I’ll tell you about chasing sunsets,
And broken promises and my love for the sounds of silence.
I always knew that I can never have enough of what I really need.

Time is but slipping sand.
How can I ever confine it within the fingers of my hand?
Somehow, you made me believe that I can.
As I see my faith in time crumble again,
I cannot help but reach out for you.

I cannot help but wonder where you are.
Have you lost your way back home?
Because I’ve been waiting for a long time now.
It has begun to hurt more than it should.

Perhaps, one tends to get afflicted with loneliness when two hearts are connected by the same valve.
I still dream of bubblegum pink skies.
But I don’t want those moments to be mere figments of my imagination anymore. I want to live them while I still can.
Maybe I could’ve.

But, it’s not entirely up to me. Is it?

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Hello, I am Maniparna Sen.

I am a nineteen year old who aspires to change the world one reality check and one effort at a time. I believe that poetry and music are inexhaustible forms of magic which make the world a more beautiful place. On days when I can’t voice my feelings, my pen comes to the rescue.

Email – maniparnasen@gmail.com

Personal Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/the_experienced_loner/

Instagram for writing – https://www.instagram.com/the_inexplicable_silences/

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