B.tech Stories by Maan #6

The guy’s girlfriend broke up with him and went away with another guy. And you won’t believe you that guy is, I can guarantee you guys that.

If you guys think that guys me you are absolutely wrong. I am not that guy.

Is a KTM-Duke guy.

I was telling you you guys would not believe who it is.

A KTM-Duke guy.

Bro, this is the man.

This is the man in India.


Every girl will go crazy after him. B@£##@ I went crazy after him.

He didn’t do my assignment, you know, that is why.

And if you guys think they are black and white pieces that live in chess, brother, I can give you a better example than that.

It was these two items.

The girl was damn white.Whiter than snow kind of thing. Have you seen a fresh bar of dove soap when it has just come out of the packet? Yes, she was that white.

The guy was a damn black hole. No one can find him. You can’ find him even if he is up your anus. You can find a girl’s g-spot, but you won’t be able to find this guy.

You guys have seen black holes getting found in space, right? One day, he is the person you will find in space, instead. His skin tone is that dark.

Now this, “रब ने बना दी जोड़ी, एक अंधा एक घोड़ी।” (“God has made this match. A blind and a mare.) I mean, “अंधा चढ़ गया घोड़ी।” (Blind man mounted the mare.)

So that is how life has been going. Dying single.

I did not have a girlfriend. More like a friend with benefits. Except more friends, less benefits. She used to help me with cheating in exams. SHe may or may not cheat herself, but at least she used to help me out. Used to do my assignments, write my projects.

I am telling you guys, since this system of projects and assignments system has come in India, I have not touched it. Not from the first standard.

So we started getting assignments from the first standard, which I will talk about with you guys in the next one.

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Maan Veer Maurya is a B.Tech student (AI) in SRM, Chennai

Instagram:- www.instagram.com/maan.v.maurya/ Snapchat:- maan.maurya

Email:- maanveermaurya@gmail.com

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