Duologue With Mental Evolution, Canada

Ella Wong, Co- President, Mental Evolution Org

Ella Wong is the Co-President of Mental Evolution Organisation from Ontario,Canada. The organisation has been working tirelessly to increase awareness around mental illness and provide more access to healthcare. You can reach them at Instagram:@mentalevolution_official, Their Website:mentalevolutionorg.com, or Email:mentalevolutionofficial@gmail.com

What is Mental Evolution and how it makes a difference?

Mental Evolution’s is a growing organization that has reached over three continents. We strive to educate people about Mental Health and combating the stigmas. We always provide accurate information and showcase wonderful resources for people to refer to. Mental Evolution has a team of hardworking individuals who have connected with youths across the world.

How do pandemics in general affect our mental health?

In my opinion I think pandemics greatly affect our Mental Health because it gives the idea of isolation. I think many youth are feeling very alone and depressed from not seeing friends and feeling very unmotivated. This is the reason why Mental Evolution was created, to showcase Mental Health resources and connect youth with opportunities.

How can one monitor mental health? What’s healthy in this situation, and what’s concerning?

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. According to Mental Health UK the best means of monitoring one’s Mental Health is having a balanced schedule. The schedule should include a healthy diet, physical activity, breaks as well as keeping in touch with family, friends and peers. A concerning mental wellbeing would be when one neglects the things that are necessary for one’s body and cognitive functions. An example would be if one doesn’t take breaks, because one is not letting their body and brain rest.

How can one cope with the stress and anxiety that maybe experienced because of the pandemic?

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. According to the CDC the best way to cope during a pandemic is to take health breaks, meditate, do physical activity, get enough sleep, avoid substance abuse of medication, tobacco, vape etc. Talk to a medical professional such as a therapist.

How do one balance washing hands enough and not becoming obsessive about it? 

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. According to Help Guide if you repeatedly show symptoms of OCD such as constantly washing your hands with the fear of being dirty, then please consult a therapist or a psychiatrist. A suggestion is to wash your hands for 20 seconds as it is the recommended time needed to wash your hands. Also consult a handwashing poster found commonly in your local restroom.

What if one is already living with an anxiety disorder? Media coverage can be especially triggering. How can one cope best?

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. If constant interaction with social media worsens one’s symptoms of anxiety, take social media breaks and disconnect from your respective platforms. Talk to your therapist,doctor or consult a psychiatrist for further help.

How do one can offer emotional support to friends, family members, or co-workers who have been quarantined?

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. A good way to offer emotional support is to stay connected via Instagram, facebook, phone call or text etc.

What do you do when a loved one has passed in the midst of this pandemic?

Always consult a professional or a medical specialist. According to the CDC some helpful tips to cope with grief include, connecting with people such as family. Create memorial pieces such as a photo album,a video or a blog etc. This will help with remembrance. Asking for help, check out mental health resources, support groups, helplines and spiritual/religious leaders.

What books do you recommend to read during a pandemic to make oneself feel better?

Some of our personal favorites are Together ,Apart by Auriane Desombre, Erin A. Craig, Erin Hahn, Bill Konigsberg, Rachael Lippincott, Brittney Morris, Sajni Patel, Natasha Preston and Jennifer Yen. Castle in the Clouds by Kerstin Gier.

How can reading books/writing journals help mental health especially during a pandemic?

Reading books and writing journals can help people reflect back on their day and help them relax. In my opinion I find it very effective after a stressful day at school, it helps me wind down before bed and I feel more relaxed. During this pandemic it can be stressful everyday and worrisome so finding a quiet activity at the end of the day can help you sleep better.

Unverbalise is ever the more grateful for this duologue with Ella Wong from Mental Evolution. We hope to continue to bring in more amazing people to our platform to inspire our readers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our site and share the word around.

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