The Day

I still remember, 

The day we had a miscommunication. 

The day we had a complication between us, 

And how easily we end those issues in just a day. 

There is not a day among them that I don’t miss, 

On the day that we had a small fight. 

But now I’m counting days, 

On our day we haven’t spoken to each other. 

The day we tried our best to avoid each other,

There’s no day that I didn’t miss you.

Now the days feel like years, 

And I hope there will be a day.

The day when you will change your mind, 

And we could have our day back. 

The day with lots of happiness in it, 

The day with bitter sweet memories of ours. 

The day of me and you.

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.



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