Co-exist means: Existing in harmony despite different ideologies or interests.

We live in a society where people are being judged on every aspect of their life, how they behave, how they dress, how they act, how they post on social media, every freaking thing. But this needs to stop, and people need to stand by co-existing because there should be people who should be true to their core not as the human-defined by society. Do what you want, say what you want, be what you want, stop trying to be like someone or a wanna-be who tends to do what everyone is doing.

An important question, have you ever asked yourself or think about yourself what you like? Or what do you want? what does your soul need? Take a minute and think! People life is beautiful and you have time, please don’t force yourself where there’s no need, have faith in yourself take your time. Always remember everyone’s lives are different so is yours and everything that is going on or going to unfold is leading you to a destination for a happy ending… It’s a journey to be lived cherished and celebrated. To be honest there is no “Art of Living” because then your lifestyle will be defined in a certain parameter and living life should be beyond that so always think that you are your life’s master and live it accordingly!

Whatever you believe in have faith in it and see how things unfold positively. “Being basic is beautiful and being different is Gucci as well” Humans are the most phenomenal thing created by God, gravitate to your true self. In a world full of make-believe be the real one, being one of a kind will make you stand different. But always remember it isn’t always being an outlandish being, you can be a simple person with utmost grace and dignity and still stand out as your own because your simplicity will make you the real self. Never confine yourself or set rules be a free being, yes values and being ethical is of utmost importance but discipline shouldn’t control your life it should manage to make it systematic.

In this world, everyone has their opinions and they do have a right to put up their opinion but the options should just act as guidance not an order to follow neither the opinion should affect you nor you should change accordingly. Feed the soul with the fuel you need not the fuel you want it to have as it runs on positivity, honesty, happiness, and being content. ‘Between all and none exist space, your space’ have some, it’s important to know, realize and embrace your true self and be ready to co-exist in the colossal world.

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I’m Khushi Goswami, a girl from the city of lions, Junagadh but currently Ahmedabad has become my new abode! As I study at GLS university, Imba (integrated BBA) third year. I like to explore and because of that I got so many interests such as dancing, acting, painting, photography, writing and also gonna keep on keeping on…💃📸📑✈️ I’m a combination of Basic & Dope personality, a mad-head pizza lover, love to listen music & travelling is love & a head full of dreams also I’m a logophile( lover of words) and art is something I live by! 🌝🍕💛🎶

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9 responses to “Coexist”

  1. “If you Don’t Control What You Think, You Cannot Control What You Do.”
    to do better & be better.
    for this, you need to get up from sleepy minds and remember that
    Growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances.

    Incredible work dear ❤️
    People like you are a ray of sunshine.🌞
    keep shinning and keep writing 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. સમાજજીવનના વિષય ને ખુબ સરસ રીતે આવરી લીધું છે,
    ખૂબ સારી શરૂઆત 🌹ખુબ ખુબ ધન્યવાદ🌹


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