6 Feet Apart

It seems like a notable demarcation done between humans who have already had their minds weaponised while fighting behind bunkers during repeated attacks from their demons and those who resided on the other side of borders whose homes were sound-proof enough to never hear those explosions. 

While the former played Lego-house with disguised pieces of ‘triggers’, ‘breakdowns’, ‘attacks’, and the sly massacre of their ever-growing courage, the latter had just finished building an actual one.

Not that these neighbours ever knew that they had a situational border existing between them.

Call it the cycle of life or the Universe in its entirety, but it took a pandemic to wash away that border, destroy that very demarcation and crush every brick of the wall standing between them, to finally let the former’s monologue slowly seep through the soils of the latter and in no time make an eruption into a COMMON dialogue between both these neighbourhoods.

So much so, that their spoken languages which were once meaning different, now gave off a unified connotation!

I read this quote of Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher, somewhere on the web today, and it never felt more fitting than during this moment of truth:

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

This feels true to the point that there is more than just an uncanny resemblance between the story of the former’s episodic ‘not feeling okay’ and the latter showing symptoms of the same. 

Perhaps, it was the undercurrent of this pandemic, that (un)knowingly chained these two in isolation and let out a new unified language among them, the only one that seems to have stood at par with the power of LOVE – i.e., the act of COMPASSION; the beauty of sharing that unexplainable longing and shielding it for each other while being bombarded more by external uncontrollable forces, with these golden words that they constantly whispered as assurances into each other’s ears. 

The lines blurred, the borders burned and all that remained was their unified language of existence that emerged from 6 simple words, while they each stood 6 feet apart.

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Hello, My name is Sowmya Krishna Kumar.

I work as an advanced analyst at my day job and then post I that switch roles to writer/poet. I found my passion for writing in 2016 and there’s been no looking back since then, having amassed over 300 poems/creative write-ups in my 5-stack used up journals/diaries. My dream is to work and grow in the publishing world. To walk closer to this dream, I undertook a certified experiential course in Editing and Publishing conducted by ‘Bound India (one of the budding publishing houses in India). My aim through my writing is to heal the world through the sheer power of words.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/silentscars_2511/

Email- sowmii30@gmail.com

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