Touch Of Pets

2020, the year that changed everyone’s life, mentally, financially, emotionally and for some even physically. The humans who divided people on the basis of race, caste, religion etc. were shown its place by nature by a very tiny thing – VIRUS, whose functioning and science is yet unknown by humans.

Look around, the homosapiens are  still struggling to get themselves together. While the animals were roaming around in public, humans were caged behind the beautiful walls of their homes. Humans – the social beings of the earth struggling to stay in their homes, cutting connection from the world, struggling to stay sane, looking out for opportunities and things to make them feel better, feel loved were finding distractions to cope with themselves which could be done by one simple thing – TOUCH.

As stupid as this sounds, stay with me and hear me. Look around, many people welcomed furry friends especially dogs during the pandemic. WHY? because they speak the language of touch and love. Having a pet at your home completely changes the vibe of your home and your lifestyle. Being a dog mom can assure you that you don’t know what unconditional love resides within you until you have a pet. You just unlock a new form of love that you didn’t know existed within you. With the work from home, online lectures going on you may have witnessed many such things on your social media. The splendour of a dog is almost the same as a child, once they’re with you it’s difficult leaving them behind. According to a few surveys, the families that have pets tend to be happier than those who don’t. They’re always in your business, around you, asking for your touch and love and attention. That touch, love or asking for your attention is what keeps them sane. The earth wanted all its children to live in peace and harmony, to love together. Maybe that’s the reason touch is very important. This touch brings everybody together. Your furry friends are happy because they’re always touching you. They exchange energies with you, ending your stale energy which makes you feel lonely, anxious and depressive to being wanted, loved and important. And human beings are social beings and they definitely need that. The gadgets have created a gap and this pandemic is a cherry on the cake.

If we see it from a scientific side, when the homosapiens were hunter and gatherers they usually used to stay, eat and travel in groups. They used to do all the tasks together, move, celebrate, hunt, cook, domesticate animals, look after children and what not. You can change your expression and identity but you can’t change your DNA. To prove that, that you can’t your DNA instantly and that it requires time of generations; that you can fight anyone but it’s hardest to fight your DNA. A simple activity for you, go in an open space like a park or a beach alone, sit with your mind clear- free of thoughts, let them come and go, eyes closed for maximum to maximum 10 minutes. Does it sound right to you? Or the fear of being attacked or anything bad happening to you conquers your mind? WHY? because millions of years ago when homosapiens were hunters and gatherers, they had to stay attentive at all times because of the fear of being attacked by a wild animal. 

Lastly, I would say, hug your family and friends, shake hands with your acquaintances, cuddle with your kids and partner, and exchange energies because you definitely can’t change your DNA and I’m not sure how many of your pet parents. LOVE AND LET LOVE.

Author: Vasudha Dhanda

A 21 year old who’s trying her best to make the most of every moment to minimize any future regrets!

Vasudhadhandaa -ig , vasudha.dhanda – sc


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