Family is the Heart of Home

What does your family mean to you? Well, family, according to me, is the best thing I could wish for. It is a place for my loved ones. At the end of the day, all I wish for is to go back to my home, sit with people, have amazing conversations and laugh.

If my family is everything and, at the end of the day, all I need to get back to my own space, then it becomes extremely important to have a calming and soothing atmosphere at home, and this is all controlled by the health of the family. In today’s world, where we are busy with our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, all we need is a healthy family at home whom you can vouch for.

What is the health of the family? If it has to be put in simple words, then a family is a union of individuals with different minds (which is mostly defined as a generation gap), different natures and age. All that binds us together is the thought of keeping a family happy and healthy.

There are various factors that define the health of the family. The health of the family depends on various factors and the people in the family. 

One’s mood (good or bad) in the house can be a reason for having adverse effects in the house. The person who comes home from work is tired, must have had an argument at some point, and expects to find some peace at home. If there is a dispute in the house for any reason, then the whole atmosphere of the house may deteriorate. Just expect a little bit of sensible behaviour and understanding. A person who comes home in the evening just needs a little space by spending some time alone or by having a small chit-chat with family members over a cup of tea. 

It is also important to have a free environment when it comes to children. ‘How should I share the news of low marks with my mom-dad?’ is a common thought that comes to every child’s mind these days. Children are afraid to tell their stories at home for fear of what the family will say or shout at them. And the consequences of such a thought amongst children can be profound. But if the atmosphere at home is easy-going, then such things can be handled by openly talking to each other.

Arguments between husband and wife, loud quarrels, all affect every member of the family. And it only takes a few seconds for the atmosphere in the house to deteriorate.

Things get easier if you have the right person at home to tell you the details of your life. If there is the right and transparency to say the four things correctly, then everything can be recovered.

The small things in the house may be understood, but the big arguments that take place when the thoughts are not shared with everyone in the house can lead to intrusion and these things can lead to further arguments. There are many reasons for hiding something from the elderly, but the consequences can be far-reaching. It’s one thing not to hurt each other, but it’s another to hide something from your family on purpose.

If 4 people in the house are going to carry 4 different thoughts and are not going to come to a conclusion, then what is the point of having a joint family? If everyone is going to have an individual opinion without compromising on one common thought, then it becomes difficult for everyone to adjust to the family. If a family needs to be bound together, then it comes with some sacrifices and by respecting each other’s thoughts. 

What is family after all? A place where I get emotional support, where economic well-being is shared and behaviour that helps increase the overall health of the family. A happy family is the heart of every house.

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