Revisiting Memoirs

Thought I had lost you forever, but you keep coming back to me. 
As a song on my playlist, 
As a line in a book, 
As smile of a stranger, 
As the words I knew you’d say, 
As memories flashing inside my mind, 
As poems you wrote to me once, 
As letters that remained unsent, 
You came back!

As feelings, 
As hope, 
As dreams and zest, 
As laughter and tears, 
As desire and anguish, 
But, you did not come back as you… 
Tell me, 
How do I shut down those memories of you and me? 
It’s always like pulling a white strand of hair, 
From my very own skin, 
Only to have them grow back in abundance. 

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Hi! I am Shaista Roohi.

I am a 23 year old science graduate and an educator, struggling to find a meaning to this life. A purpose that can keep me going. Sometimes I am exceptional at articulating my emotions and sometimes I am not. The oldest memory which I have of myself is sitting under a tree at my high school premises and writing about the stuff that was diffusing in my mind. From past 2 years, I have been struggling with anxiety issues which Alhamdulillah I’m overcoming one at a time. Writing for me is something that helped me with having thoughts of existential crises. It heals me.
Right now, What I feel about myself is, that I am somebody who’ll move mountains for the people I love, or someone who show me even a little bit of affection. My goal is to do something for the unprivileged people. People who are finding it hard to reach out. I just wanna tell them that they are not alone.


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