Have You Practiced Gratitude Yet, Darling?

By reading the title you can think this article will be a spiritual preaching or a fancy writing of some fancy words which you will forget after a while, and will again drained into the struggles of life. Perhaps I have not used any fancy writing but you cannot skip the struggles of life. Well struggle is the wrong word I’m using here instead we can call it a journey of ups and downs. Talking of journey each and everyone of us has ups and downs in our life, nobody is abandoned from it, but you know what even we are at the up part of our life we don’t feel happiness from within. The only reason of it is we easily forget that whatever we have how desperately we wanted that in our life at one time. We start comparing to others even we achieved what we wanted, we are constantly craving for more. Wanting more is not at all bad, but we should be first contended with what we have achieved in our life and then strive for more.

If one asks me what is the key of happiness I’ll say it’s gratitude. You can earn tons of money, or be very famous but if you don’t have gratitude for what you have you will never be happy. There will be a void in your heart. Gratitude does not come in a day or two. When we hit adverse situations we all tend to forget gratitude or any preaching that could motivate us. It is difficult to practice gratitude in each and every situation, but it’s not impossible. If you want to cry, cry as hard as you can but try to practice gratitude after that, you should not suppress your emotions for the sake of practicing gratitude. It will come genuinely with practice. It also depends on the emotional intelligence of each individual. So you should take your time.

I am not a spiritual guru or even I loose my calm so many times, but I know by practicing it on daily basis I’ll be successful one day. All you have to do is to constantly remind yourself that whatever you have you craved for that at some time or whatever you have, there are some people who are not even close to afford that. So be greatful for what you have and enjoy the life to the fullest.

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Hello, My name is Tanya Diwedi, an artist by heart and an engineer by profession. 😉

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