The Rain Over My Window

As a young 8 year old boy I was amused by the rain I saw . It was as quick as my childhood, but took many of my outdoor games and gave fevers and chills instead. My mom used to bake me fritters and cookies with tea, gulping it along the raining shade and listening to an Ilayaraja song was nothing but heaven.

Years passed and I was in college, I was wandering with my friends for no reason and soon the rain came again. It had been raining since and I chose to get wet, then I saw a lady coming through the lane running. I heard thunder, there was no tea, cookies or an Ilayaraja song but still I felt heaven. I talked to her. She was scolding the rain throughout the talk and missed her bus to the railway station. That rain never stopped, so did our talk. The rain was a silent witness to all this and I was thanking him for making me drop her to the railway station.

After many monsoons I am still dropping her not to railway stations alone but to her office too. We have a child, exactly like a thunder. We are making fritters and cookies along with tea and giving to our child and me and her cuddling each other to warm ourselves from the heavy cold rain outside. But it was still raining, and we were hoping this rain would never stop.

Now I am in my 60s, a bit old. Wiser and better at making tea and cookies. My better half is no more there to share the cookies or to cuddle around. She left last year, she had cancer. I kept on holding her hand till she left, and now I am keeping her memories till I leave. It’s raining even now too. I came to put flowers on her grave; lilies, her favorite. I am walking alone under my umbrella, I am not wet but my eyes are. I put the flowers above the grave and stood for a while there. It’s hard, it’s hard to be this alone. When I am walking back the rain is telling stories to my umbrella, and when I am leaving I could barely see the sight of the grave. My vision is bad and the rain makes it even worse. Sometimes I think it rains when the sky weeps for people who can’t , so now for me? Seems like everywhere at least someone goes through this and the rain falls through them.

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I am an aspiring filmmaker, specialized in writing and editing . I am currently actively looking for opportunities and myself being a writer I believe my words can create a possible impact to the world. And I am totally excited for the journey ahead.


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