Far Away From The World

I lock myself up in the house,
Shuts the door, turns the light off.
Far away from the world,
The responsibilities, the negativity,
Even though I do realize,
This is inadvertently causing myself more harm,
I do not have the guts to face the world .

Why can’t I just live my whole life here?
Behind these closed doors,
Without interrupting anyone and more importantly,
Without anyone interrupting me.
They say I’m wasting my life, my youth,
By not creating fond memories.
To look back on, years later.

All the days are merging into one.
But I don’t want to go out,
Have fun and crack jokes.
I console myself that it is just a phase,
Hopefully followed by a happier one.
Joy just around the corner,
Maybe, I haven’t figured that out yet.

But who am I fooling?
The misery doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.
Waiting for a miracle to take place.
May just as well cost my whole life.
Why can’t I be like the rest?
I question myself over and over again.
But that’s all in vain,
As if I don’t want to find an answer.
Let me rephrase that,
I don’t have the courage to fight for an answer.

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Hi! I am Roopa Radhakrishnan. I am a final year BA student, an aspiring writer and an hopeless optimist.

Email – rooparadhakrishnan53445@gmail.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/roopa_radhakrishnan_

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