An End

“Nothingness is the end of our world.”

Imagine yourself falling in an endless pit. The darkness around ceases your ability to think and all you feel is fear. The fear of uncertainty makes us weaker than the confidence we exhibit.

Visualise a scene of war. You stand amidst chaos. When you look at the gloomy site of destruction, you find yourself a victim of hopelessness; an orphan. Living a life like this for years, you forget what it is like to be joyous and independent.

You are surrounded by unanswered questions-

“How to make an inanimate object come alive?”

“How did man come to existence?”

“Why does time seem to flow only in one direction?”

“What are the unexplored/uncovered capacities of the brain?”

The questions create a loop in your mind. It can frustrate, or even exhaust you. It is important to exercise the mind, so you feel relaxed. This creates another loop and a complex chain is formed.

Let yourself into someone else’s shoes. This makes your problems far less complicated than theirs. When you are consumed with your own issues, others seem alien to you. The bug of empathy produces another hole of sorrow because it’s the knowledge of life that lets you acknowledge the unknown.

Speculate the truth and wonder how someone would reach it. The process of proving the truth confuses, leads to failure, eats a lot of time, drains your energy and shakes your courage. The spiritedness inside you is extinguished as you journey towards a result you hope is your favour.

Contemplate while looking closely at a painting. It is still. It comes to life within your mind. You become engrossed as it engages you mentally. Being captured in the world of art drives you to travel via its elements. You notice your own shadow reveals individuality. The mannerisms, expressions signal towards understanding your skills.

Conceive an idea or opinion that brings about change. A new perspective that affects people, although their views may disappoint. The second road (the road less travelled) of change leads to challenges. It requires strength to stand against obstacles. The biggest confrontation of change is acceptance. Passion becomes the force that harnesses endurance.

Believe in yourself. But doubt travels faster than the speed of light. Examining your ability raises disputes. It’s palpable. Matters of concern proposes the bone of contention. The self-doubt pushes you to cross-question your decisions. You raise objections and suspect disapproval. Unmistakably, the point requires resolution or discussion depending on the specified condition.

There have been debates about the presence of mind, body, and soul. All these are independent entities. You perceive, think, make an image of, form a belief, or assumption about something, hypothesize, value, purely for your own sake rather than be a means to something else. Your actions and results are governed by your good will. It is the beginning and the culmination.

“Either search for the lost you, or make up new.”

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I’m Deepti. I’m an avid reader of classics and exhibit an interest in philosophy. I’m motivated by my love for learning and desire of writing.



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