Unrequited Love – The Other Side!

Love has its own pages throughout any known history. Two individuals burning with passion and finally getting together after multiple hurdles thrown their way. We know and adore many lovers for their love and passion. We also see unrequited love in the darker parts of history. Unrequited love, a love which is not reciprocated, when one falls head over heels for a person who doesn’t feel the same!

We all admire someone who loves no matter what, but what about those who cannot love just because they are loved.
Have you ever thought about how it feels to lose your best friend just because you cannot see them as a romantic partner? Do you know how it feels when a colleague from work haunts you everywhere with a proposal when you were just being nice to them.

Unfortunately, it is a toxic trait with many youngsters, being obsessed with one they cannot get, but doing everything they can, just to see them smile.

Yes, it is poetic and almost romantic. But romance needs two individuals and no matter how romantic it is, you cannot make someone love you when they are clearly not interested.

To all unrequited lovers! If you really love them and know that they don’t, please don’t give them the burden of saying no to a wonderful person like you. Love them from the bottom of your heart to the tip of your tongue, but don’t scream and make them uncomfortable.

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