Learning from the Moon

The Moon is our companion. Different everyday, but same in a certain way. It represents a poem of aesthetics, a teacher of deep meaning. The Moon is beheld by the lovers, the loners, the birds and the animals. It is a faithful companion of dark nights.

Although with every passing phase, the Moon keeps changing  bit by bit. This change is not absurd, but carries in its charming rays the lesson to be kept close to every beating heart.

Every component of this universe has a purpose and meaning attached to its being. So, let’s dive deep to discover the meaning of the Moon and see what we can learn from it.

The purpose of the Moon is to spread calm and relaxation to the heart, mind and soul. The Moon with its coolness and beauty tames the mind that houses uncontrollable thoughts and worries. It is known to spread a ray of hope in the times of utter darkness. It seems so far yet it is closest to the heart.

The Moon is a companion that comes with a torch to guide you through the dark woods of stress and troubles. It not solely accompanies, but directs and provides you with a clarity just like that of a clear water. The relationship with the Moon is worth cherishing.

The Moon includes distinct meanings for different individuals, but its teachings remain  the same. Yes, Moon is a teacher too. With its waxing and waning phases, it reveals an important lesson worth learning.

When the Moon is full and bright, it is most beautiful. But gradually it starts waning. The Moon is no more full and is less bright, but we still look up to it. Similarly, the Moon wanes and wanes, and one day it goes dark. Not visible anymore. Is the Moon gone? We all know, “it’s not”. The very next day, it starts acquiring its lost brightness and moves ahead to its fullness.

The phases of the Moon are trying to make us aware of the uncertainty and impermanence of things around us. If we pay enough attention to things, we’ll perceive the everyday changes. However, the Moon is a visible and charming example to justify the doctrine of change.

We are changing, our life is changing, everything around us is changing, so why are we stuck at the same place with the same problem? Let’s learn from the Moon that change is not always bad. Changes are beautiful. I mean just look at our celestial companion. 

The Moon assures us that irrespective of the miserable and bleak times, you can shine through. The Moon exemplifies its meaning. The Moon is always there, behind the rainy clouds and behind the Earth’s shadow. It never blames the clouds and the shadow for the darkness because dark and difficult times are an inevitable part of life.

The dark times give meaning to the cheerful and joyous days. It enhances the value and preciousness of good times. The situation that is holding you now is not permanent. It will pass away, and the full Moon of goodness will rise above your window with a bright smile.

There is no good in stressing and worrying, the idea is to go with the flow because that’s how the universe operates. Let us all learn from our celestial companion and shine as bright as we can. 

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Hi! I’m Saloni Bajaj. I’m a philosopher who loves to wander in the world of ideas and insights. I try to find meaning of things around and inside me I believe that there’s always a purpose behind everything. Every action, intention and passion has a purpose. For a writer, the purpose is to spread information, knowledge, wisdom, experience and positivity. Being a writer, it becomes a responsibility to spread awareness about crucial things that make life complete. Writing is a gift bestowed to a person with a purpose. I realised this gift at an early age and a few years ago realised the purpose of this gift. There’s a deep desire in me to bring a positive and essential change in the world through my writing. My heart sings when I am in the natural environment, say under the night sky or while watching the sunset with the breeze passing by me. I love watching bats coming from afar (I know it’s weird, but it’s really soothing). I am working on becoming a better version of me by practicing mindfulness.

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Editors: Ritika and Grisha

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